Hi – my name is Susie and I decided to set up a blog about my move to the country so that all my friends and family can see what we’re up to without driving everyone mad individually. If anyone else is interested in seeing how a couple of city slickers cope with a move to the green coastal area of the south coast of NSW, Australia, please feel free to follow!

With three grown up kids all working and independent my hubby and I decided to follow a long held dream to move to the country and lead a more sustainable lifestyle – growing our own food and feeling more connected to nature. We are about 5kms from the beach and 2 hours drive from Sydney, where we spent our previous 30 years very happily. As I am English I have always felt that the south coast of NSW feels like a collision of England and Australia with the green rolling hills and lush dairy farms and in a sense I feel I’ve come home…..

2 thoughts on “About

  1. OMG! Susie, you write like a true professional….I think you have done this before. (When will you put out your first novel?)
    Wow! I’m blown away by all that has happened since you left Sydney town for this quiet new lifestyle, which obviously has provided much satisfaction already.
    You guys have achieved so much in such a short space of time. The property is simply beautiful… the house, the gardens…I can see why you say it is so relaxing, surrounded as you are by nature’s best. I’m sure it is going to take even better shape in the months to come with such industrious owners and such helpful, knowledgable friends involving themselves in your new life project.
    Wish you all the best of good luck in your gorgeous patch of earth. Such serenity!


    • Thanks Maria! We have really enjoyed getting stuck into all the projects and seeing the transformation in a relatively short time. The boys have both been down and love having an escape from the city despite the fact they have an odd spade thrust into their hand and the birds wake them up in the morning! So far so good…….


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