In The Garden

2014-04-18 08.34.40-2 house


Our little 2.5 acre block has some good bones. The house sits rather solidly in the middle and is surrounded by lawns and some trees with the odd patch of rather scruffy plantings. We have the start of a good rose garden, a well thought out but neglected veggie patch and a great chook shed just ready and waiting for us to spruce up and fill with some hens.

I have so many ideas prior to moving in about how I would like my garden to look and what I would like to grow but in truth we know nothing about growing our own food and what grows well or badly in this area. I intend to make friends pretty quickly at the local nurseries and learn from them the best varieties for this climate.

In our first few weeks I hope to have the front of the house planted and our veggie patch composted and turned over in readiness for some seedlings. The chook shed will be painted and scrubbed and our herb troughs should be bristling with our first crops!


The chooks are settling in nicely (after the early demise of No.6) and finally behaving like chickens! They are spending less and less time inside their pen and almost run outside when we open their door in the morning. Scraps are starting to be a thing of joy for them and there was a contest of Olympic proportions today when they spotted a lizard and all 5 of them zoned in on the poor hapless thing.


Despite the fact that no-one has done anything for the roses over the past 2 years (they are all rather wayward and covered in black spot) we continue to get a great show of flowers and I love snipping of a mixed bunch to pop in a jug – especially for the weekend visitors. After a good winter pruning and some TLC I hope that next Spring brings an ever better batch for us to enjoy.

Having spent the past few weeks weeding and mulching the garden beds I have started planting some flowers to encourage bees and butterflies. These plants should thicken up and lessen the space available for weeds to grow!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The old trough that we found

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