2015-03-23 21.18.04  I feel like a new parent. My life is now revolving around feeds and toilet training and sleep patterns and we have to play tag team to leave the house.

There is no baby however. Instead we have welcomed an 8 week old labrador puppy into our lives for better or for worse! Luckily Bailey has so far been a great little pup and has a cuteness factor of 10 which helps offset the aforementioned impact on our life. This is day 4 and the first day it is just her and I at home together. It is also bucketing down with rain which is making toilet training a little dismal. On days like this I usually love being able to come here to the computer to write, however we have decided not to let the main part of the house be available to Bailey – she is restricted to the back part which can be shut off; this however is causing me to feel guilty as I am now out of sight/smell/play. Luckily spotify and my mobile phone has come to the rescue and I am playing music on shuffle to make her feel included!!

I have indeed lost the plot.

However, so far it’s working –  despite the fact she seems to particularly enjoy Michael Buble whereas I prefer Andre Boccelli….


Tuckered out on her way from Batemans Bay to the Meadow…

2015-03-20 18.19.07

She has actually been very good with hardly any night time crying and just like any good Labrador she demolishes her 3 meals a day until she looks like a sack of spuds – her belly is so extended she looks like she will explode. As long as I get her straight away and whisk her off into the garden she goes to the toilet thus making room for the next meal! she has been “helping” us in the garden and is fearless amongst the chickens – she comes with us when we let them out in the morning. The chickens aren’t too sure however (yet ANOTHER reason we still have no eggs I guess…).

2015-03-20 18.42.12

Day 1 with the chooks

2015-03-22 09.59.59   “Please can I come in?”

Yesterday we took her to the beach. She looked so little as she followed Cam down the path to the sand. Covered in sand she embraced the ocean and loved chasing Wayne in and out of the breaking waves. Shivering and trembling as she waited on the sand for him to finish his swim I was hoping I hadn’t expected too much of her too early but 10 minutes later she was happily pottering around the park bench as Cam and I polished off a couple of cheeseburgers from a great little place in Gerringong. We are so happy she loves the beach as we envisage many walks on it with her as she gets bigger.

2015-03-23 12.50.48                             2015-03-23 12.34.13

2015-03-23 12.38.04

Things she loves so far:

An empty yoghurt pot which she chases round and round for ages

A vibrant orange $3.50 “fetch and play” set from the $2 shop

Her toy cow


music – especially Michael Buble and whistling

flowers – she actually smells them ( and sometimes eats them)



8 thoughts on “Bailey

  1. Bailey is so cute!

    I love reading your posts – you sound so organised & enjoying it all to boot!

    Love to you.


    Sent from my iPad



  2. Oh Susie you are keeping me so enthralled with you blog, I can’t wait till next week to see what you have been up to. Makes my life look so mundane and boring. Some of the things you say I can just hear you saying them. Loving it!!!


  3. Just caught up with all your wonderful blogging and im officially looking for a puppy and chickens!

    I really enjoyed reading about your new experiences and whilst I wont wish my life away i am looking forward to having a go at life in the meadow myself one day.



    • Luke – you and Jess are such ‘doers’ I’m sure this lifestyle would suit you both down to the ground! The space and the beautiful countryside as well as producing our own fresh food and keeping some animals is definitely a winning combo!


  4. She is SO adorable Susie, I love her to ‘long-distance’ bits !!
    Needless to say I love reading about your new life, it makes me feel part of it. I am so glad I had the chance to see the house etc when I was last in Oz.
    Lots of love darling x x x


  5. I am glad we are keeping in touch via the blog. If you had a smart phone I could send you some cute little videos of Bailey. I might look into how you put them on the blog for you! I’m very glad that you can imagine where we are too xx


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