Despite the fact that I am married to a cocoa trader and every shop within cooeee is groaning with confectionery the eggs that are most special to me this Easter ARE OURS!!!

Drum roll please folks…………….our chooks are finally laying!!

2015-04-03 08.34.44

Proudly introducing to you …….our first dozen!!!

Funnily enough it is the 2 newest chooks who are doing the business and our original 5 are still blissfully unaware of their expected contribution to our household. Hopefully they will get the message after seeing the others crowing proudly after they have laid their eggs in the nesting boxes and soon we will be giving our house guests a dozen eggs each to take home!

The long weekend has seen the arrival of our sons for some R & R and we managed to squish in a few activities before the rain started to chuck down. Tom came straight down from the airport after flying back from Hong Kong. This wasn’t because he missed his parents but because he couldn’t wait another minute to meet Bailey. Only when she was crashed out after playing did he have time for us and for a bit of practice for his golfing weekend next week.


Sam arrived in time for perfect weather conditions for our bonfire so beers in hand we all ventured outdoors to witness the lighting of the fire. As the first crackling erupted we realised this was going to be a BIG fire and decided to get the hose ready just in case – unfortunately it didn’t reach anywhere near the bonfire site so we were reduced to a laundry bucket of water on standby (I’m pretty sure the RFS would NOT have been impressed….)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Who were we kidding?????


The symbolic lighting of the fire….praying that the wind wouldn’t change direction.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Just Tom and the bucket to fight any impending disastersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA job well done!


Celebrating with a home made chicken pie and a bottle of red! (recipe in kitchen page)


Luckily Easter Saturday dawned bright blue and sunny and we set off, the mad family of 4.5, to 7 Mile Beach for a swim and a bit of a run or walk to burn off the excess food and wine. Bailey LOVED it and happily chased the boys and the waves and said hello to anyone and everyone who was walking on the beach (they all loved her of course!)


Come to Pappa……


  Little pawprints in the sand….                                                                                                        One tired but happy pup


Unconditional love – both ways.

Wayne and I were pretty excited as we had planned to harvest our heirloom carrots to have for Easter lunch and when we ceremoniously pulled them up expecting beautiful long purple and orange carrots we were rather disappointed. What we had were mutant ninja carrots all curled and twisted around each other. Pretty sure they wouldn’t pass muster at Woollies that’s for sure. However when we roasted them they had great flavour so I will persevere growing them – perhaps I planted them too far apart and they had too much room to move as they grew??????


Ugly veggies that taste great…………!!!

            20150405_115846      Relax time


A great veranda for a catch up and a beer or three….


Before lunch I took the boys to Silos Winery to show them the set up and indulge in a little wine tasting. We couldn’t believe it when we bumped into one of Lauren’s best friends from school days tasting right next to us. Loads of Sydney people down here enjoying the South Coast for the long weekend.


 I love you Sam says Bailey!!    20150406_10322520150406_103220  Time to say goodbye to Bailey and go back to work.                                                                                                                                               Loved our weekend boys  xx

4 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Just love reading your blog Susie.

    Reads like everything is going well – Bailey appears to be a hit with everyone – so cute!

    Are you coming up for book club – do you need a bed???

    Love to you & yours.


    Sent from my iPad



    • Hi Marilyn, I’m hoping to come up for bookclub but that is the day that the Jetmaster is being installed plus the puppy factor so it depends on timing. Will let you know if I can escape and come to the big smoke for my fix!!


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