An up and down week…….

Well now I am back there is SO MUCH to do in the garden. It’s literally been at least 3 weeks since I’ve been able to do anything out there as it was very wet and windy the week before I left and unfortunately it has got rather out of control. You really need to do an hour a day to keep the weeds down and the little jobs like staking and mulching as a pleasurable task instead of my current A4 sheet of “To Do” tasks in the garden!

I am spending as much spare time as I have out there this week to make progress, luckily although it’s cold we have clear blue skies and sunshine and it’s warmer outside than in unless I put the fire on -so no excuses for me!!! So the broccoli and brussels have been staked and tied, onions and garlic have been planted along with snow peas and leeks and my asparagus and rhubarb crowns have been ordered. I am preparing beds for raspberries and blueberries and mulching anything that moves in an attempt to suppress the weeds.

I have my little helper of course. She comes into the veggie patch and cleans up all the tags in the beds telling me what I’ve planted. She digs little holes and sits right next to the chook run fence and stares at them for ages – hopefully with an eye to playing with them rather than eating them. She went missing for a while today and when I tracked her down I found her asleep on the front veranda curled up with her lead hopefully in her mouth. She had to go to the garage and pull it down from the hook it lives on so she obviously really really wanted to go for a walk……She also got her first mail delivery today

– I have no real idea what it was but it was beautifully addressed2015-05-25 12.52.23

It was a photo frame?

She started puppy pre-schooltonight and it was her first real opportunity to be with other dogs close up and personal apart from a little flirtation with Wally further up the lane. After being a scardy cat for the first 10 minutes and being extremely submissive she then relaxed and made lots of friends. It was lovely to see her interacting with the other dogs and she behaved pretty well considering people were offering her ‘treats’ left right and centre. She completely ignored me as I was food-less but tomorrow I’m guessing she will remember the hand that feeds her for the other 6 days of the week…!!

2015-05-27 19.01.18 2015-05-27 18.32.49 2015-05-27 18.32.33 Making friends.

She gets super excited when I take her into town and wants to say hello to EVERYONE and the sound of a child’s voice even from a great distance is enough to give her the strength of a super hero dog (if there is such a thing) and pull me half way down the highway. Atrocities are now few and far between but a roll of toilet paper lay crushed and ripped on the front veranda today and on leaving her home alone last week for 3 hours I came back to a house strewn with 2 kilos of rice after she nudged open the pantry and “discovered” her dinner rice. After consuming way too much of the raw stuff she had an upset stomach and rather snazzy looking rice encrusted poo for a couple of days….

She is going to have to get used to staying home alone a little bit as I started work for Raine & Horne in Berry today. At this stage I am just helping out with the property management one day a week together with reception and doing the open inspections every other Saturday – that makes a very taxing 3 day fortnight! Down the track another girl in the office would like me to fill in for her so she can have a 9 day fortnight and they also require me for holiday relief. I don’t really want any more right now anyway as there is always so much to do at home but this is enough to get me out of the house and meeting some locals and keeping my brain engaged. Also a bit of pocket money in case I ever get to go shopping again….??

It is so nice to NOT have to work out what time to leave home to get to work and get a parking spot etc. 10 minutes before I start I leave home and that’s that! I am also very conveniently located in the newly hip end of Queen Street in Berry right next door to Little Rae’s general store and the newly opened Burrows and the ever beautiful Moss Nest. I have a feeling my earnings may well be spent within 10 metres of where I earned them….

little rae             the burrows   moss nest

Well luckily I wrote this on Wednesday – the day before I fell pray to the dreaded flu virus. I haven’t been this sick since the 1980’s in Kathmandu! I literally can hardly stagger from my bed to the bathroom and I feel constantly nauseous and light headed. Wayne kindly gave it to me and he probably got it from Sam last week when we went up to Sydney for Tom’s 25th birthday where we had a fab night at Sake in The Rocks. This embarrassingly means I have had to delay my first solo day in the new job. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want this bug anyway.

IMG_0096 Before the influenza struck……….

Sadly that meant I also couldn’t travel up to Sydney for a close friend’s son’s wedding. I couldn’t believe the timing but there was no way I could even get into the car for the 2 hour drive let alone anything else. Wayne manned up and represented the family despite still feeling under par and sent me photos of the lovely wedding and the reception at Taronga Zoo with amazing views of Sydney harbour in full ‘Vivid’ colour. vivid 2 vivid

A great time was had by all and I’m so sad I missed out on such a happy and vibrant occasion – congratulations to Dean and Gemma, lots of love for many happy years together  xxx

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