Short week

Is it really a week since my last posting? Feels like about 3 days! The weeks are starting to fly now that I am at work a couple of days a week and this week I zipped up to Sydney for a couple of days as well which made it a pretty short week in The Meadow! I had a rather traumatic experience one morning when I came out to the garage to get in the car and a bird was trapped in there and making a hell of a racket squawking and flapping about. They fly into the garage and as there are large picture windows at the back of it looking out over the paddocks the birds think they can fly straight through. It has happened before and the birds eventually got out by themselves. I opened both the roller doors and backed my car out in the hope that the bird would realise it could get out that way but we had an additional problem in that it was stuck to a mouse trap that Wayne had laid in the garage. They are the size of an envelope and extremely sticky and we thought they would be a safer option in view of the dog in case she got her paws trapped or whatever.
I realised when I got closer that it was a crimson Rosella and a baby(ish) one at that and its feather were all over the sticky pad. I was really worried that it might have been it’s wing and that it would be the end of it. I was home alone of course and I thought that even if I could catch it in a towel and put it in a box it would still be pretty dangerous to then drive to the vet by myself in case it got out and flapped about in the car. I definitely needed a second pair of hands and luckily my friend Nola who lives about 5 minutes away was able to come straight over and give me a hand. We managed to catch the little one and it calmed down after a while and we could see that it wasn’t a wing on the trap but it’s tail feathers which had obviously come off when it was trying to escape the stickiness. Nether of us were really sure if they could fly without tail feathers but after easing it’s foot off and cutting around the gluey mess to release the bird we thought we could put it in the grass and see what, if anything, it could do. We were so happy when it flew away straight up into a tree and seemed no worse for the experience. A big relief to us both and we felt ridiculously happy at saving this little baby Rosella.2015-06-15 13.20.02 Our little (semi) feathered friend.2015-06-15 13.20.05
I asked Nola if I could buy her a pub meal the next night to say thank you but she was attending an event in Nowra so she invited ME to come to THAT instead!! A friend of hers had bought an old convent and it was its 110th birthday which she was celebrating by inviting some of the old Nuns and some local historians as well as friends to a soiree at the old house. It is a wonderful old house but a definite work in progress. It has 8 marble fireplaces and 6 bedrooms with 13 foot ceilings. I think poor Jenny will be renovating it for a LONG time to come to bring it back to it’s heyday, luckily she loves everything old and is enjoying the journey! While I was there I got chatting to the historian and in one of those amazing coincidences it turns out that her mother had grown up in our house in The Lane!!! She has many stories to tell us about the house and we have arranged to get together with her and our neighbours and one of the previous owners to swop tales and hopefully some photographs of the old house. She is excited to walk around it and I’m sure some interesting information will come out that night…..The Convent Nowra The old Convent in Nowra.It has become very wintry down here and it is really cold in the morning and the evenings. The fires are lit and we have mastered the art of “layers” to deal with the contrast in temperatures. After 10 am it is so warm on the front veranda that we have to shed the jumpers and we are toasty warm in just a T shirt but 2 minutes back in the house and we are reaching for the jumpers again…!! The trees have either lost their leaves or are well on the way and in the midst of our bare garden we have lush flowering citrus trees, our lemons, limes, mandarins and oranges are a very welcome sight in the middle of such a wintry landscape and I am in the midst of cooking lemony things – lemon curd, preserved lemons and luscious lemon tarts. (recipes in the kitchen section).2015-06-21 14.56.26 Yummy lemons….Our lovely friends from Sydney visited this weekend and our neighbours invited all of us to witness the lighting of their bonfire last night along with their children and grandkids. They had been stacking the fire for the last 6 months and it towered into the sky just waiting for ignition. We were rather surprised (and impressed) to see they were lighting it with a flaming arrow from a crossbow!!! Extremely unique (and NOT to be tried Tom/Sam Cameron) and very effective. The little kids eyes were as wide as saucers and we all enjoyed a drink soaking in the fiery blaze and re-living those bonfire nights from our childhood! Getting ready….

 Impressive fire starter…

The four city kids enjoying the country!!

We had a lovely meal in Berry at South on Albany with Dave and Ing. The staff are so friendly and the food is seriously good and we had a great evening exchanging banter with the next table and the wait staff and enjoying our ‘big night out’!!

2015-06-20 21.01.28      The pine mushroom pasta                                   2015-06-20 21.01.19 The beautiful fish special.

We love seeing our Sydney friends and sharing our new environment with them, it reinforces all that we love about our new life (especially when the wind ISN’T blowing !!) so today I am a happy camper!

2015-06-17 16.04.30

A beautiful tree in our neighbour’s garden…

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