The simple things in life

It was a week that I had to dedicate to finalising my accreditation for Real Estate and getting things done around the house. Scintillating I hear you say, but not every week can be a stand out week and I really enjoyed paring everything down and enjoying the simplicity of every day. Wayne was in Brisbane so it was just me and The Chocolate One, hanging out and trying to stay warm.

I rewarded myself after an hour of paperwork by going for a walk or sitting outside with a cup of tea on my veranda in the winter sunshine simply appreciating things! The only new thing I attempted was to go to the farmer’s markets in Kiama. I had heard lots of good things about them and they are very scenically placed on the water so I bundled Bailey into the car and we headed North. Kiama seems like a lovely little town and has a few worthy homewares shops and cafes to enjoy. The markets themselves were much bigger than I had anticipated and were full to bursting with families as I had completely forgotten it was SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!! Rookie error as there were kids everywhere, all at Bailey’s height, and most of them eating something yummy and very tempting to a labrador. Need I say more?? I was exhausted after keeping her on a VERY short leash and having to supervise when people stopped and asked if they could pat her (slightly concerned that she may actually attempt to ingest their hands that smelled of vanilla ice cream and doughnuts and other such delicacies…) . Next time I will probably leave her at home as I have a friend in Kiama that I would like to catch up with for coffee without worrying if Bailey is gong to eat a pre-schooler…

kiama-seaside-markets2 Scenic spot for the market

Local Real Estate Agent and vegan chef Adam Guthrie runs some cooking classes for kids at these markets as well as at the Berry Sourdough bakery. Even if you are not vegan or even vegetarian he still has some lovely food ideas cooked fresh from scratch. He has a huge productive garden where he grows most of his own food and follows a permaculture style of gardening. If you are interested you can find him and his cooking philosophy on facebook as “I Feel Good”.

Kiama-Farmers-Market-Kids-Cooking-Class-Image4Web-630x315 Adam and the kids cooking class in Kiama.


Kiama-Coastal-Walk_35 This is the coastal route to walk from Kiama to Gerringong – definitely on my list of things to do.

So apart from working in the garden where all my winter crops are looking BEAUTIFUL, pruning the apple trees and preparing my new asparagus bed I spent the time walking in the nearby country lanes where I occasionally felt like I was in the Chevy Chase movie ‘Funny Farm’. At the top of our lane the steam was still coming off the newborn calf in the cold winter sunshine, Crimson Rosella were flitting to and fro in front of me, magpies called to each other and the meadows were full of wildflowers and horses running with their manes streaming behind them as they came to greet their owners bearing gifts of hay! Sometimes I really have to pinch myself that I have stumbled onto such an enjoyable albeit simple new life.

2015-07-05 10.02.57 Some local countryside

I managed to coerce Cammo into driving up to Moss Vale and use the new Ute to pick up a bedhead from our favourite shop Country Homes & Interiors. While we were there we spotted at least 3 other things we loved and have a couple of things on order……….I LOVE the new financial year!!

2015-07-05 14.59.11

Half the reason he agreed to come was I suggested we stopped off on the way home in Kangaroo Valley to have lunch at The Friendly Inn. It has a long history in the Valley and is the central point for all the locals to meet up as well as a few blow-ins at the weekend. It is the only pub in town and is well frequented.

2015-07-05 13.15.28 The Beer Garden at The Friendly Inn

When we got home it was time to pick a load of lemons from our tree and get to work making some limoncello. As if by osmosis I heard from Lou, one of Lauren’s best friends who was passing through from Mollymook to Sydney, and she called in to say hi, have a look at the house and give Bailey a play date with Coco, a golden retriever who she was babysitting for a week! It was the first dog she has played with at the house (sorry Gin and Tonic) and they both had great fun running around and around….Baileys and cream……

2015-07-05 15.36.41   Baileys and Cream2015-07-05 15.52.29 My little helper for the limoncello….!!!

Next week is all about poo. Cow poo. We need it and we are surrounded by it so fingers crossed we will get some. Watch this space.

2015-06-27 11.35.30           The Brussel sprouts and cabbages coming along beautifully       2015-06-27 11.35.39

2015-07-02 06.56.04 A beautiful sunrise in The Meadow

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