The Five Mile comes to The Meadow

Our friends from further south (and their property The Five Mile) came for a weekend visit which was lovely as the first time they came we had only been here a few weeks and the guest room literally just had a bed. It was much more comfortable for them this time round! They also timed it perfectly as the under floor insulation had been completed the previous day and we could already tell the difference in the interior temperature of the house. It just doesn’t have that icy feel any more and hopefully when we get the next cold snap we will feel a bit more cosy.2015-07-30 07.30.11

The magic under the floor blanket

2015-08-01 07.51.45

What is wrong with this picture??????????????

Seriously, who builds a laundry door and then takes the steps away? The door is also locked with no key and has thus far been completely useless. Bailey sleeps in here and after yet another night of getting up 2-3 times to let her out I finally snapped and drove to Bunnings to get a doggy door. The last “big dog” door available was purchased and then I had to find someone who had the nouse and the tools to put it in!! My lovely friend and Pilates teacher Leanne volunteered her equally lovely partner Michael to give me a hand and this is the result!! I was so excited but of course poor little Bailey couldn’t use it until we had some steps organised so the boys first job of the weekend was to visit the hardware store for something suitable. These bessa blocks proved to be a perfect height and width and with great anticipation we prepared to bribe Bailey with food to see if she would take to using them. Like red rag to a bull she leaped straight out  on the promise of a bit of bacon and then went in and out 10 times in a row until she got the hang of it. We tried not to get excited as we wouldn’t know until the following morning if she would actually use it in the night and not just when we were there with food, but my little chocolate button is very smart and I am happy to report that we got an entire night’s sleep with no interruption! As for any new parents it was a momentous occasion and thanks to Nifty for his great idea for the steps and Michael for the installation of the door – what great blokes!

2015-08-01 09.16.29

Stairway to heaven for Bailey (and us!!)

There wasn’t too much going on this weekend but we stuck our heads into the Berry Showground to see the Regional Firefighter Championships. There were teams from far and wide competing for glory and it was a great atmosphere as they prepared to battle it out.

2015-08-01 11.19.35

Fireman Sam and all his buddies at the Championship.

They came from far and wide with their families in caravans and trailers. It was a colourful spectacle with some old fashioned country charm. The National Anthem was sung and a prayer for our firefighters was said and of course there was the inevitable sausage sizzle!!

2015-08-01 11.26.34 The local lads……..

The local school kids had created the artwork for the pop up cafe.2015-08-01 11.25.16 Who wanted to be a fireman when they grew up????

When we got home we discovered a couple of our chickens roaming the grounds as pleased as punch to be out and nibbling all our plants and veggies. We had no idea how they got out and after inspecting the chook fence and discovering no holes we thought perhaps it was time for another trimming of their wing feathers as the only other way out was up! My very own chook whisperer was inside HQ wealding the scissors while Nifty rounded them up and channelled them into the pen one by one until  they were all ‘done’ so hopefully that has ended their garden jaunts!

2015-08-01 13.39.11

2015-08-01 13.38.45The Chook man with his feathered friends

Feeling quite pleased with ourselves and with the afternoon sun shining we decided to reward ourselves with a visit to The Cambewarra Winery and a couple of glasses of their wine looking out over the fields. A very relaxing way to spend a couple of hours.


Next to the chardy vines at Cambewarra Estate Winery. A lovely afternoon for a glass or two in the sun..

After a lovely evening in front of the fire chatting about old times and adventures still to come, we woke up the next morning to a beautiful double rainbow arching over the garden and a very unusual light. I wish I had also woken up to a pot of gold and as I had a ticket in the $21M lottery I thought it was a sign. Unfortunately it was merely a sign of the sun shining through the raindrops…………


Somewhere over the rainbow…………………

Sue and I decided to have a Sunday morning bimble around Berry and happened upon the small but beautifully appointed Picnic Shed in the garden of The Sourdough Bakery. It has a lovely unique collection of things for the home, garden and the little people in our lives. Lots of things with a Scandinavian aesthetic and a great place to part with some hard earned cash……2015-08-02 10.29.29 The beautiful Picnic Shed – something for everyone2015-08-02 10.29.50

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