Sam’s Birthday Bash

Thank goodness it only happens once a year!

A dozen of Sam’s closest friends descended on The Meadow this weekend to celebrate his 29th birthday. A birthday lunch at our house has become an annual event over the past 4 years and it was lovely that the boys were prepared to travel to continue the tradition. Most of them had booked into The Berry Pub for the night and we had our guest rooms fully booked too. The new table was fully extended and the kitchen was groaning with food – a good test for the new house with our biggest gathering yet.

2015-08-16 13.59.45

You’ve arrived!!

2015-08-13 14.06.42

All went swimmingly with copious quantities of beer and wine consumed and tales of days gone by were shared over lunch before a game of backyard cricket to round the day off. Bailey was the best on the field – thank goodness she is such a good ‘fetcher’ and was happy to run after the balls furthest away and bring it back to drop the ball neatly at the bowlers feet as the other members of the team were a bit slow off the mark. She had a lovely day with so many people to play with (and no doubt lots of sneakily fed treats as well!)



A few beers and nibbles before lunch

2015-08-15 13.11.09


A bit excited about the meat

2015-08-15 13.17.52

Ready, Set, Go……


Happy Birthday Sammy!


Bailey was definitely the best fielder of the ball…..

2015-08-15 16.18.37

Josh anticipating a catch…


Howzat!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers and Jeers from the Peanut Gallery…..

Sam’s birthday coincided with the Bledisloe Cup decider and with so many rugby boys (players and fans) in the house we had organised a couple of cabs to take them into the local pub to watch it there. The last time we had beaten the Kiwis at their home ground was the year Sam was born so we had this feeling of coincidence and a sense that we may win. Forever hopeful of course and those hopes were to be well and truly dashed a couple of hours later when we were thrashed.

The All Blacks did not come to (Sam’s) party…..


A couple of true blue fans  (before their hopes were dashed)


Anyway, apart from losing the rugby to our arch rivals and the pre booked taxi not arriving at midnight to bring our house guests home (necessitating a certain Motherly person to retrieve them from downtown Berry at 1.30 am slightly the worse for wear) it was a fabulous day and worth all the hard work. A lovely bunch of fellas with just a couple of my faves unable to attend as they are living in London. It’s hard to believe they are all about to turn 30 – where have the years gone????

My boys came down the day before to ‘help’ but ended up using the gorgeous sunny afternoon to try out a local golf course in Gerringong. It is in a beautiful scenic spot overlooking the ocean and on a beautiful day it’s harder to think of anywhere better to hang out with your brother and try to hit small balls into holes with sticks.


Not a bad spot for a game of golf


Happy Days  xx

2 thoughts on “Sam’s Birthday Bash

  1. So sad we missed this years birthday bash! We were very homesick over the weekend, but thrilled you & the birthday boy had a great time. We’ll have to make sure we’re there for it next year and no doubt Angus will make up for the beers and wine he missed then. xoxoxoxoxo


    • We missed you guys too plus Phil of course! Mads was at a hens do too so I was the token female! Glad you guys are so happy and enjoying London. Hopefully you will make it down to the Meadow at some stage xx


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