That holiday feeling….


This week has been beautiful. Spring in all it’s glory and it’s hard to not feel pretty darn happy to be honest. As it has been school holidays we have had a small stream of visitors popping in on their way to or from Sydney to the South Coast. Little people have visited the chook shed and collected warm eggs and either been ‘scared of’ or ‘played with’ Bailey and other friends have called in for a cuppa or to have a look around the property which has been really nice.

2015-09-29 09.19.51     Ruby loved Bailey but Mali preferred us! 2015-09-29 08.34.10

I had to go to Huskisson on Wednesday  as I finally found an upholsterer to make some cushions for my big cane chairs that I bought at Auction in Sydney. A lovely smiley man, John, who works out of his garage behind his house is making them for me and was telling me it might take him a few weeks as he also Captains the whale watching cruises and it’s “the season” at the moment! Everything in the country happens when it happens and there is no point hurrying people along. He was very unassuming but I noticed he had a big thank you letter framed on the wall behind the desk from Government House in Canberra where he “did” the dining room and the meeting rooms etc. Amazing what you can whip up in the back of a garage isn’t it??

I took Bailey with me and we met up with my friend’s hubby and son who were holidaying down there, for a quick catch up and a choccy ice-cream for Lucas – another lovely little guy who will no doubt look back on these holidays with fond memories as he gets older. I’ve noticed a lot of people that come househunting in Shoalhaven Heads where I work on Saturdays are there to look for a beach house because they are so nostalgic for the type of holiday they used to have as a kid. As parents I guess we are the creators of good memories for our children and they invariably end up wanting the same kind of thing for their children2015-09-29 11.32.57 Then it was my turn to be like a little kid as I packed excitedly for my little trip up to the Big Smoke for my regular book club meeting. The same group of girls, with just a couple of plusses and minuses, have been meeting for the past 20 years ( we were one of the very first clubs to form I think) and it is like therapy for all of us to meet up over a glass of wine and some yummy cheese and discuss life (and the book of course!) In this time we have seen our children grow up, a couple of husbands go west and now weddings and grandbabies are the order of the day and we have a lovely easy relationship together which is very special to me and well worth the 2 hour drive.

2015-10-01 20.44.21

My lovely book club girls

2015-10-01 21.39.42

This monthly meeting gives me a great excuse to come up to Sydney and do some shopping, meet up with my boys and nowadays stay overnight with one of the girls. I am working my way through the club and it’s lovely to have some extra one on one time with them. This week I stayed in my old stomping ground of Balmain and in a beautiful apartment overlooking Sydney harbour. Sitting out on Jill’s veranda with a glass of wine and looking at the twinkly lights of Sydney I felt so lucky to still be able to get my fix of a city I will always love.

2015-10-01 18.25.57

The next morning after a lovely walk and coffee with the Balmain girls I met Sam for lunch down at Balmoral. It was a picture perfect day and a yummy fresh lunch and a catch up with ‘the life of Sam’ on the pier at The Boathouse just topped off my Sydney trip perfectly.

2015-10-02 12.05.48

The beautiful Boathouse at Balmoral

2015-10-02 12.09.34

2015-10-02 12.24.58A yummy lunch with Sammy

Hopping back into my car to go home with the back seat pleasantly full of shopping bags and flooring and tile samples for the new extension as well as a new cozzie – I was a happy chappy. The swimsuit shopping however was pretty tortuous, after trying on half the shop I finally chose one that takes me 5 mins to get into and then I am pretty much sealed into it in order to rearrange my squidgy bits into a slightly more pleasing shape than my natural one. And on top of all that I had to cough up a small fortune to buy the damn thing.


2015-10-03 16.53.09

We celebrated the first evening of daylight saving by having a celebratory champagne with our friends N&N at their beautiful new house on the mountain opposite us. They were very sad a couple of months ago to find out that the RTA had compulsorily acquired their current home for the widening of the new highway. They had literally just laid the last paver around their new swimming pool when they got the news and it must be said, a few tears were shed. A few Saturdays later they inspected this house with expansive panoramic views over the surrounding countryside and out to the ocean all on 5 acres. It has a lovely old rustic dairy shed that Nicki plans on converting into a commercial kitchen alongside a dining space in order to hold long table lunches (she is a chef) and it has a perfect place for a veggie patch and maybe even that pool she was hankering after. As the sun went down and the parrots ducked and weaved past us on the veranda I thought how lucky I was to have this new life with some lovely new friends and I look forward to seeing them shape this new house into one that they love and enjoy.



p.s… celebration of daylight saving I have added a few summery recipes to the kitchen page. Dips and salads for outdoor entertaining. Enjoy  xxx

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