The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In what was a mixed week of weather, my two days in Sydney were glorious and my favourite jacaranda trees were doing there thing all over town. Purple puddles against that perfect cerulean blue sky. Just gorgeous. It’s spurred me on to finding a nursery down here where I can buy a tree as I have the perfect spot for it at my entrance gate. Watch this space.


The beautiful jacarandas in Sydney

After my action packed 30 hours in Sydney I headed back South to pick up The Chocolate Drop from her kennels (more like Club Med for pooches) and go home to Cam and Smutz who were doing blokey things like fixing fences, creating hanging spaces in our outdoor shed and mending a leaky pipe. We had a lovely weekend together despite the weather turning foul and very dramatic. In between the downpours and storms we got everything done – thanks to our very own almost-live-in tradie.

2015-11-08 08.43.53Handyman HQ.

The weather was very dramatic with Sydney copping this amazing storm which looks like a tidal wave about to engulf Bondi Beach and closer to home with some very impressive lightening.12189658_10208153191495811_5479794201260557246_n

The wild and stormy weather.


I must say that whatever the weather it is always nice to be at home – working outside in the sunshine or curled up in front of the fire with a good book I am happy. When I drive down from Sydney and get to those magnificent Kiama bends my heart sings to see the beautiful countryside hugging the coast, the red tin roofs of the white weatherboard farmhouses and the undulating valleys with grazing cattle and horses. How lucky am I to be able to have the best of both worlds!!


eureka - australian country house

We had a lovely little local story this week that made it all the way to the National News when Brooklyn, a big boofy bulldog belonging to a homeless guy who lives in a tent on a local field, chased a wombat all the way down a wombat hole and disappeared underground. People could hear him barking from deep inside the earth and local rescue teams arrived on the scene with their sonic equipment to locate exactly where the adventurous hound was stuck.


He was a long, long way in and the rescue started on Wednesday after shoring up the earth (after lots of recent rain it was pretty dangerous) and digging down towards the chamber. Brooklyn let everyone know he was alive and kicking by barking every now and again and hope was held to get him out within 24 hours. Unfortunately by Friday afternoon they still hadn’t got him and the sad decision was made by the authorities that it wasn’t a viable rescue any longer with the chances of Brooklyn surviving being slim to none……


People power then kicked in with all the Nowra locals taking over with shovels and their bare hands and at 10.45pm in the pitch black Brooklyn was pulled up into the loving arms of his very grateful owner Charlie. He looked a little bewildered and obviously exhausted and hungry but he was finally free!!

6920982-3x2-340x227 Brooklyn survives to play another day…..


One very lucky and well loved dog – Brooklyn back at his campsite with Charlie.

(There is a rather unexpected postscript to this story……due to this story hitting the national news it appears that Charlie was recognised in Victoria where he is wanted for several crimes so although he has his beloved boy back he may have simultaneously sacrificed his own freedom.)


4 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Susie!

    You are wonderful ! I love hearing about your adventures. Happy days!


    PS bad luck for Charlie!!!!!

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