Comings and Goings

2015-12-05 11.36.31

It has been a very busy week in The Meadow. We had 3 different sets of guests in a 5 day period and it was like a little B&B with all the sheet changing! It was really lovely to see everyone though and well worth any extra housework! Sue arrived from Moruya just in time to celebrate Berry Merry Christmas where the whole of Berry seemingly participated in a big Xmas Parade along the main street which involved road closures and detours for the major traffic going to Sydney. So lovely to see everyone turn out to cheer on the Santa dash, with everything from sprints to bike races to 3 legged races and stroller races so that everyone could join in the fun.




About the only way that I would participate in a street run is if this applied……


The shops stayed open for some late night shopping and the pub was packed with contented diners after a fun evening. We enjoyed our girly sleepover catch up and after a coffee in The Burrows the next day I bid her a fond farewell.

2015-12-03 09.55.46

I guess the most important of the comings (and more pertinently, the goings) this week was the fact that Cam resigned. It was a bit of a shock at first despite the fact I knew he had been unhappy since the company was taken over by a global company based in Brisbane. Two of them were essentially trying to do the work that 7 had done previously and something had to give. As he wasn’t prepared to move to Queensland and they didn’t want him working from home 5 days a week he wasn’t left with much choice. As his role is not an easy one to replace it looks like he will most probably have to work until next April whilst they hire and then train the new person. It still feels a bit scary. The prospect of not actually earning any more money and having to live on your savings for potentially another 25 years is enough to make you come out in a cold sweat but I guess we’re no different from everyone else that goes through this stage. It seems ironic that once you get the time and freedom to travel you have to be a bit more careful about how much you spend! No wonder there are so many Grey Nomads with their campervans and caravans out there!!

There were a lot of people coming to Berry this weekend for the inaugural Fairgounds Music Festival – an Indie folk festival that enjoyed a beautiful day and night of weather and was a big success. The whole town was full of people and we had queues at all the cafes and pubs so I guess it was good for all the local businesses too.

2015-12-05 11.40.51

We thought it was about time we allowed our chooks to come and go as well. They have a huge enclosed run including some shade under our huge pear tree and some sunny open areas where they like to make their dust nests but chickens love to scratch around and peck at a large range of things (how they would love to get into my veggie patch – Nirvana indeed) so our lovely Smutzer came down to make a new door in the fence with a little drawbridge for them to get out into the garden. It was a work of art and well deserved the ribbon ceremony for its official opening as The Chook Mahal!!!

2015-12-05 11.00.11    2015-12-05 11.00.31


2015-12-05 16.53.23

Our last guests were my nephew and his girlfriend who have been living in Europe for the last 7 years or so and are now back in Oz to live under sunnier skies. They had never really been south of Sydney and I think the green rolling hills and the local countryside reminded Jill of England as it does with me.  2015-12-05 17.43.11

It was lovely to catch up with them after all this time and we waved them off to Sydney from a nice vineyard we hadn’t been to before – The Crooked River Winery in Gerringong. It has a rightly deserved reputation for good food and with it’s beautiful views out over the vines we will definitely go back (just remember to book a table by the windows for that gorgeous view!)

2015-12-06 13.34.11

Weddings are popular here and the knot is usually tied under this magnificent old tree!


2015-12-06 15.22.57

The last little comings and goings are our baby Willy Wagtails. Cam noticed their nest last week and we had admired their workmanship – a perfect nest with high sides to protect their babies. He noticed they were out of the nest but not yet flying and I managed to capture them patiently waiting for Mum and Dad to come back with dinner. They are just gorgeous and looked so cute all in a row. The next morning they were gone so this was a perfectly timed photo!!




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