New beginnings

2015-11-29 03.36.54

What is it about a New Year that gets you thinking about your life and where it’s been or where it’s going???? Despite the hype about the ‘new you’ and resolutions each year it really is a good time to evaluate what you have and what you would like to change. It’s a bit scary sometimes but it’s always worth embracing change and seeing where it takes you. Breaking big things down into simple steps makes it a lot more do-able and as with everything the first step is often the hardest to take. How good does it feel though when you begin? To leap into the unknown and suddenly find you can do something that you had always doubted you were capable of. Despite, and maybe because of, my ever increasing years on this planet I am determined to have a go at all those things I’ve thought about over the years. Never arty at school I would love to be able to paint but I’m never going to get any closer to achieving that if I don’t BEGIN! Write that book that I believe is inside me? – well don’t keep talking about it Suz – DO IT!!!

In the same vein I have decided to actually USE my approximately 40 cookery books instead of just reading them. We all fall into the habit of cooking our favourite recipes and repeating them ad nauseam instead of branching out and trying new dishes or cuisines. After over-buying at Christmas I literally have a pantry and fridge/freezer overflowing with STUFF. Add into the mix our extremely productive veggie patch and 6-7 eggs a day from the girls and I shouldn’t have to visit a Supermarket for anything other than loo paper for the next month! We have decided to spend January literally eating from the things we have on hand and just the odd bit of meat chicken or fish to pad things out. This means we will eat fresh, healthy food in interesting ways (gotta love Yottam Ottolenghi and his veggie recipes when you own a vegetable garden!!) and as well as saving money I reckon we might lose some of those spare kilos we’ve found over the past few months!!!

2015-12-20 08.11.05

If I don’t harvest every day my veggies become turbo charged and I end up with massive zucchinis and cucumbers, lettuce that bolt to seed in the blink of an eye and what looks like about 60 tomatoes that are going to ripen at the same time. No wonder the Italians came up with tomato passata day – it’s an all or nothing occurrence in the patch at this time of year. The eggplants and capsicums are also bursting forth and I’m already sick of ratatouille after only 3 weeks…..

2016-01-02 17.24.09

The produce comes rolling in on a daily basis !

2016-01-02 17.25.21A normal sized zuke next to it’s supersized brother

With just a couple of days left before she headed back to Honkers, the Engaged One crammed in as much Aussiness as she could – trips to the beach, walks down country lanes and wine on the veranda watching the sunset and due to our distance from Sydney invitations were extended to friends that she had missed the first weekend. It was lovely to see Sally as well as Claire and Andy down here and staying overnight meant for a long and relaxed catchup.

2015-12-30 19.50.21I will have to get the cubby house done up now that the first baby of the group is on it’s way – so exciting Claire and Andy!!2015-12-28 17.08.18Cheers Girls!!!

New Years Eve has never been a big thing for us and we are generally in bed well before the midnight hour except for those days when we were living a mere walk from Sydney harbour and the fabulous famous fireworks when it was definitely worth staying awake. This year we were content to go to the local Showground for the kiddies fireworks and tumble into bed but an invitation from our friends in Moruya changed our minds and after dropping The Engaged One for one last night of fun with all her Sydney friends in Mollymook we continued South and had a wonderfully relaxing 24 hours at The Five Mile. A bonfire in the back paddock with a gorgeous view over the rolling hills and some yummy food and wine and I was a happy little vegemite as we farewelled 2015.

2015-12-31 19.08.59

The wide vista from the back paddock of The Five Mile

2015-12-31 19.11.19

Goodbye 2015 – it’s been a fabulous first year in The Meadow…..

2015-12-31 20.08.12So as we headed back to The Meadow and our last night with Lauren we were grateful for the year just gone and excited for the one that lies ahead- especially now there is a wedding to plan (and therefore an even greater reason to keep the garden weed free and well planted). It is such fun to see our very own Princess plan her special day and I can already see why there is such an industry around weddings with every little detail to be considered and costed and seemingly available online – a fact I am grateful for with the fact the bride-to-be lives overseas and can only probably get back here once before the big day!2015-12-30 17.00.02A great spot for dreaming and planning…..

So my lovely readers I wish you all a 2016 full of wishes come true, adventures begun and ambitions fulfilled; Let’s believe everything is possible until proven otherwise and explore all the wonderful opportunities that life offers.

2015-11-01 01.38.27


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