Summer Fun

2016-02-12 20.25.26

Well Summer came back with a vengeance this week didn’t it folks!!

We were reduced to waking up early and getting straight onto the physical tasks that needed doing or it was just way too hot and sticky later on. Worse still if we didn’t do it in the morning we would have to sacrifice Happy Hour to do it in the afternoon shade so that was enticement enough for me to wake at dawn!!

We have planted a new hedge along our front perimeter, well actually we’ve just filled in the (many) gaps in the existing hedge so that it will eventually outline the garden with a nice neat edge! We’ve poisoned off all the grass under the new crepe myrtle trees so that my new gardening helper Todd can dig a beautiful winding flower bed for me to fill with hydrangeas. Todd can’t help me for a couple of weeks as he is the celebrant for some friends in Byron Bay this week and has some musical commitments to complete as well – he sounds like an interesting and well rounded guy who will hopefully be able to help us with the hard yakka stuff so that everything is looking lovely in time for the wedding!

The farmer behind us planted a huge paddock with corn a while back with the intention of feeding it to his 1000  cows as a treat. Just the thought of milking 1000 cows twice a day is enough to make my head spin to be honest – it must take most of the day! We’ve seen the corn growing taller and taller so we trundled across to have a close up look. It’s quite a sight and at least 8 foot tall and it stretches endlessly in either direction. I’ve never seen our house from this angle before and it looked quite different from behind…

The house from the front isn’t looking too crash hot at the moment. The local courtesy bus that a certain son caught back from the pub a couple of weeks ago decided that it was easier to drive straight across our lawn at 1 am than to reverse back out and as it had been raining for the entire 2 weeks previously, the mini van sunk into the lawn leaving track marks reminiscent of an airport runway. 250 kilos of soil later we are hoping the grass runners will soon start to infiltrate the soil and we will have our nice lawn back! So much for courtesy eh?


Our (almost) resident handyman Smutzer came down to help Cam put up the dartboard. After having it propped up in the corner of the garage for the past 12 months it thrills me every time I walk into the garage to see it now perched happily on the wall. A perfect 1.73m from the bullseye to the ground and with a nice background board for the wayward darts (they would be mine) it is a vision of beauty! To see the two boys working side by side with the new drill kit was very pleasing and the old dog has certainly learnt a new trick and can now use the Xmas gift the kids gave him.

2016-02-14 12.28.42

A few other residents have learned a new trick too…..

We have been letting the chooks free range for the last couple of hours in the afternoon which they love. Love however may not be quite the right word for how I feel when I see them in the middle of my rose bed kicking up  all the mulch I have lovingly laid down but I do like seeing them roaming around the garden and enjoying some freedom. Even the traumatised chook comes out now but is usually the first one back in and is easily spooked. I wondered what the strange noise was coming from the veranda the other day and discovered a soccer loving chicken right outside my door…..!!

Turfco, our local turf farm and a business that is heavily involved in all local happenings are also a creative mob and I always know what special event is coming up as they create a little scenario with some model cows who have become quite famous. It always brings a smile to my face as I drive by their turf farm and see how they’ve interpreted Xmas, Easter, the footy finals or Valentine’s Day…


We enjoyed our degustation dinner at The Green Olive in Nowra and can recommend it for lunch if you are passing through on the way to or from Sydney, much easier to get a car park here than in Berry too! I had been good all week so it was lovely to have some wine and a delicious dessert to round it all off – a real treat!

The next day dawned hot and steamy so I needed no encouragement to get up and take Bailey for a nice walk and swim on 7 mile beach. Sammy joined us and we all loved watching her really stretch out and run through the surf chasing seagulls and leaping into the waves to swim with her special mate visiting from Sydney….

We have an official ‘retirement’ date now – March 15th (God help me!!) and in the lead up to the handover Cammo is in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide – in fact he’s everywhere other then The Meadow,  but that gives me some time to organise all the upcoming events! We are going to have a road trip to country Victoria in Week 1 just because we can-yay!! I have always wanted to visit the Daylesford region and it should be beautiful in early Autumn. A foodie destination as well which is always a good thing!Then another week up in Forster to visit family and friends and we can take the Chokky Drop too which makes it easy. My Mum is celebrating her 80th birthday in September in the UK and we are planning a trip there to kick our heels up with the birthday girl and also having a week in France before and a week in Lake Como afterwards so I am like a woman possessed researching hotels and doing some quality armchair travelling along the way! Not to mention the wedding of course which is coming along nicely organisation wise, it’s such a fun time to have with your daughter – precious and special. A kind of final chapter to the years of dressing up and playing fairy princesses as a child, a wedding is the grown up version and I want it to be every bit as magical as she imagined it as a little girl.


I remember doing this with my Mum and the story continues……….

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