Hellos and Goodbyes

cows 2

Well it’s definitely been a week of change in The Meadow. The dairy farm has been sold to a local cattle rearing family and the current farmers held their big auction on Friday selling their entire herd and machinery to the highest bidders. It was an emotional day for our neighbours who had reared a lot of those cows since birth and I bumped into a very teary Janette when I took Bailey for a walk in the afternoon. She was having trouble coming to terms with the reality of selling up their family farm of 5 generations and the fact that we won’t see the girls walking in single file up to the milking shed anymore. It’s even sad and strange for us and we have only been here 18 months so I can only imagine what they are feeling. The nicest thing is that the new owner bought a dozen of the herd to stay here and he also bought the oldest cow  (a very unusual and respectable 18 years old ) to live out it’s days here too. This shows me the calibre of the incoming farmer and I like him for that one single act of kindness already!

cows 3

We have some new neighbours in the lane and everyone is so happy to welcome them as the previous owners of that house were extremely rude and unlikeable people. They ran a small kennel and cattery and we were so thrilled when we moved here to see one so close to home – such convenience we thought! Prior to Bailey actually arriving to live with us Cam went and introduced himself to enquire about the requirements for small puppies should we need to leave her somewhere overnight. As he approached he extended his hand to introduce himself and she took a step backwards and folded her arms behind her back…..not exactly what he was expecting. She questioned him “Is that your wife that walks up and down the lane taking photos?” “She takes photos of the countryside – yes” was his reply.  A total invasion of her privacy apparently and enough for her to shout at me to “get off her property” the one time I stepped foot through her gate when I lost Bailey one day. I had always stood up for her odd behaviour by saying some people are good with animals but bad with people, but after this day when I was obviously distressed about a missing puppy and all she could do was to scream at me to get off her property I realised she was no animal lover as anyone would drop what they were doing to help me look if they were. They had a similar attitude to everyone in the lane so needless to say they weren’t ever invited to share a bbq or Xmas drinks and it seems so strange that in this small country lane there are divisions between people when there are so few houses!!

Happily I have already received a wave from the new owners as I drove past their house and hopefully I will introduce myself with a much different outcome when I finally meet them, who knows it may be a perfect overnight location for Bailey after all…………

2016-06-18 08.22.11
Some tranquility returns to The Lane with the arrival of some friendly neighbours.

2016-06-22 20.18.53

In animal news, our little injured pigeon has been deposited at the vets this morning where they are going to x-ray its wing and also contact the owner via its microchip – it is a racing pigeon so it belongs to someone. Only problem is that if it’s not going to be able to fly well I’m pretty sure the owner wont want to be bothered with it so Cam may well finally get a pigeon in his life again! Bailey leaves her alone as she thinks she’s just one of the chickens and all in all it seems pretty contented although a bit skinny right now.

Miss Bailey is enjoying the company and snacks that come with the builders but she has had her sleeping arrangements changed on average every 2 days as they work their way through the back area. Her doggy door is now gone so thank goodness she is a big girl now and can last a whole night without having to go outside to the loo! During the day if she is not outside annoying the tradies she can be found snug as a bug in a rug on the leather lounge (originally this was out of bounds but we’ve caved on the condition she doesn’t come anywhere near our white couches!!)

2016-06-15 20.44.26

The renovations are ploughing ahead despite some savage weather. If it’s not raining cats and dogs it is blowing a gale and I feel rather guilty when I’m all cosy in my ugg boots and dressing gown making my porridge in the morning and I look outside at the builders up on the cold metal scaffolding rugged up in their beanies and jackets trying to hold themselves steady in 60km westerly winds. In between the squally weather we have had some beautiful sunny days and so far we haven’t lost more than a day of the build to Mother Nature. We are now the proud owners of an outdoor entertaining area (or the shell at least) and we are beginning to see the shape of things to come. I have chosen most of the fixtures and fittings now and am enjoying seeing it all come together, just the odd tricky things I’m still waiting to get quotes on – the stonemason, landscaping and flooring are still to be locked in!! The worst is still to come as they work their way inside and start knocking down walls and ceilings……………


The hardest part of this week has been getting Cam set up with his phone line/internet/printer and scanner etc. in his new office. It is in a beautiful old listed building but it is for that exact reason that its so hard to run new wires and that all the plugs are way too close to the floor for the modern plugs needed to run an office in 2016. No plugs are in the right spot for any of the technology and we need a few extension leads and power boards to get operational. It looks a bit like a laser alarm system but with real wires crisscrossing his office! A nightmare!


You get the idea………..

Silos Winery have offered a ‘locals special’ in their restaurant over the winter period so we decided to go and check it out with our ‘local’ friends Noel and Nikki. A roaring log fire on a cold winters night and a bottle of big red was as much an incentive as the $29.50 price tag for a main meal and a glass of one of their signature wines. It was just what I needed after a week of being cooped up inside trying to keep the dog out from under the builders feet and the dust and debris out of our remaining living areas. Thank goodness we still have nice places to go to for dinner down here in The Meadow and an excuse to get out of your gardening/comfy clothes and put on some make-up!!


2016-06-03 03.32.20

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