Party Puppy


No folks I haven’t gone stark raving mad.

These are not my chooks, although I feel mine are missing out not having these delightful little ensembles to wear during the damp and chilly South Coast winter. I’m sure the locals would well and truly talk about ‘those weird Sydney people in the white house’ if our chooks paraded around in anything other than their feathers. We met a few more locals last weekend when our lovely neighbour Darren threw a birthday bash to celebrate his half century.  He and Kath were wonderful hosts and they were blessed with a beautiful afternoon and a clear cold night with a million stars sparkling in the sky above the backyard fire which, along with quite a few beverages, kept us warm and toasty. It is the first party I’ve ever been to where the hosts phoned specifically to invite Bailey. She was in heaven as she did the rounds of the guests receiving many pats and later many treats. This (picture below) was the place she loved the MOST. She pretty much stayed within a metre’s radius of the spit roast in the hope someone would drop something tasty. This is the home of her friend Wally the black labrador and they had a lovely time playing on the property together and generally getting up to doggy mischief. It was really nice to meet some more people from the local area including our new neighbours now running the Meroo Kennels and Cattery. They are much  friendlier than the previous owners and are full of plans to restore their house to it’s former glory. Another building project for The Lane.

2016-07-02 17.53.22

There is certainly no shortage of trucks going in and out of the lane at the moment as everything is full speed ahead with the renno. It has been a big week with the external wall cladding now on, the roof finished and the triumphant breakthrough of the old room to the new one, creating a really beautiful space.


We are now laundry-less and next week will be kitchen-less, just in time for the arrival of The Engaged One. It’s not going to be the welcoming homecoming she was hoping for with all her favourite meals and her holiday gear washed etc but we will muddle through and have fun nonetheless. Fingers crossed the new kitchen is installed in time for me to cook something delish for The Hens Weekend as promised…..yikes!!!!! In the meantime she is in the lap of luxury in Bali lapping up some sunshine and the odd cocktail. As an engagement present we gave them a few nights in one of the four villas our friends built in Seminyak. They are all beautifully designed and decorated and they provide a real oasis amongst the hustle and bustle. We stayed in one a few years ago and it was gorgeous. If you are after some upmarket serenity with unobtrusive staff to meet your every whim in a great location have a look at – we can highly recommend them.

This was our little patch of gorgeousness………


Bailey has a new beau. Cooper the blue cattle dog is now a daily visitor. He belongs to Adam, one of the builders, and she has dropped me like a hot cake to rush outside and play with him every morning. He takes all her balls and toys but she doesn’t make a whimper. She’s a tad fickle for my liking but Coopy is pretty lovable and I can see what she sees in him…. They love it if I take them up the lane for a walk in the outside world and they behave like puppies, running and exploring together.

We still have lots of beautiful places to discover in our vicinity and we decided last weekend to take advantage of the beautiful winter weather and head south to Jervis Bay and specifically to Hyams Beach. It is just a sleepy little town tucked away between Huskisson/Vincentia and the National Park but it is perfectly formed. A quite famous beach of pure white sand and the most beautiful aqua blue water framed with gum trees and architecturally interesting beach houses. The old original timber whaler’s cottages have been painted in gorgeous pastel colours and they sit alongside modern two story glass fronted beach houses with huge verandas, perfectly placed to view the whales migrating and the dolphins playing in the protected waters of Jervis Bay. In the summer holidays it becomes a playground for city families looking to escape the urban jungle for a week or two, searching for the simple life. One general store with an attached cafe is the only commercial venture in town and it has the feel of ‘the good old days’ about it which still resonates with people both old and young. It is one of the few popular coastal villages that boast a non surf beach where the littlies are safe to poddle about with a bucket and spade without Mum and Dad having to keep an eye out for a rogue wave coming in to wash them away!

In a bit of sad news the poor Plovers were robbed of their eggs overnight last week. After all that hard work sitting on her nest in the middle of a white frosted lawn Mrs Plover couldn’t compete with Mr Fox who must have come calling in the night. Not a scrap of egg left, it was is if they had never existed. I was a bit concerned they may try again but it seems they have gone to pastures new and I think that is a wise move. Nature sucks sometimes…..

Happy Weekend everybody – let’s get excited!!


One thought on “Party Puppy

  1. Hello Susie

    Love the chickens & their outfits !!!

    Continue to enjoy your posts – keep them coming …..

    Enjoy your time with the engaged one!

    Love gob you & yours.


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