I had a lovely trip to Sydney this week. I still venture to the Big Smoke every 5 weeks for my bookclub meetings. We have shared these meetings for 21 years with essentially the same group of gals and we have seen just about everything together. We have raised our babies, some who are now Mothers themselves, seen a divorce or two and a couple of new loves and marriages, people have moved cities and countries, downsized and upsized, cancer has touched us, parents have aged and died and we have been there for each other at every single stage. A diverse group of women who came together ostensibly to talk about literature but ended up with so much more. Therapy of the best kind and what women do so well, supporting each other through what can sometimes seem to be overwhelming situations, a non family opinion of whatever is happening and unconditional friendship. We are seriously blessed.

This week my trip to Sydney made my heart sing. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the magnificent jacarandas were in full bloom, endless puddles of purple dotting the horizon as I drove north. It’s hard NOT to love Sydney on days like these and even though I have moved away and love my new life I still get a little flutter when I see the harbour with it’s boats bobbing gently on the sparkly water. Catching up with both my boys for lunch is always a highlight and we enjoyed a “hipster” salad and caught up on all the news. I started the search for a Mother of The Bride outfit, finally having a perfect excuse and occasion to give myself permission to look at some designer dresses. Despite the rather scary prices you can feel the difference as you slide on these garments, gorgeous fabrics with that perfect womanly fit!!

Earlier in the week the nation stopped for the Melbourne Cup and unlike the days of old when we may have gone along to the races in Sydney we instead took the dog, a bottle of chilled semillon and went to the River and enjoyed some local fish! The weather has been temperamental with those pesky winds featuring yet again. The man of the house is decidedly unimpressed on the bad days but what can you do? When they die down it is beautiful but you never know quite when that’s going to happen!!

Bailey is very happy now that her ‘collar of shame’ is off and relegated to a cupboard in the garage. Her paw seems much better and when I was at the vet checking on her progress the conversation turned to our little pigeon that we took to them a few months ago. It was a racing pigeon that had been attacked by a hawk as it ‘raced’ from a few hundred kilometres away and it had a big gash on its neck and most of its wing was an open raw wound. The builders who were here at the time laughed at my attempts to leave some food and water for it, saying it would be dead in a day. Well our little pigeon had other ideas and after a week of it pecking around in our garden and taking shelter in our garage at night we took it to the vet so they could read it’s microchip and see if the owner wanted to get it. Sadly they didn’t want to know once they heard it was injured and our lovely vet nurse Carly took it home with her instead. She tells me that Peter Pigeon is now looking completely normal with a full head and wing of feathers and has found love!! Carly also has another rescue pigeon and they now spend their days cooing and snuggling up together in loved-up bliss. You’ve gotta love a happy ending!!!

We had a flying visit from Katy this weekend. She lives in Hong Kong with our daughter and is one of her bridesmaids and she was so excited when she was sent to Sydney for 3 weeks with her work and could pop in and see us at The Meadow. After living in HK she really appreciated the trees and wide open spaces and we managed to give her the short version of the tourist tour before she whizzed back to the city!!

Things are busy at the house with the roof now primed and undercoated and weather permitting will hopefully be completed in the next 10 days. As we have had no rain in ages we spend a large part of the day watering the garden and especially the veggies. The veggie patch is struggling a little this Spring with some of my seedlings turning their toes up which is a little disconcerting. My gardening Guru tells me that because of our wetter than normal winter there have been more bugs around as well as some soil viruses so it’s a case of trial and error with the crops. He recommends overplanting in these circumstances as we dont want to waste time waiting for things to improve just to have to eventually rip it all out and start again, so at this stage I don’t have much more than lettuce and spinach to actually eat of our own but hopefully the tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, eggplant and zucchinis won’t be too far behind.

Today dawned as a perfect Monday morning (as it so annoyingly often does) and the hound and I ventured to the beach for our morning walk. How lucky am I to live so close to this and to get the beach all to ourselves!! However, even after 33 years in Australia I still am hopeless at judging the tide – after leaving my flip flops in what I thought was a safe spot I walked back to find them bobbing in the ocean. My loyal water loving labrador leaped through the waves to retrieve them for me thank goodness as it’s still a bit chilly in the ocean for full immersion!!


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