It’s raining it’s pouring, it’s baking it’s boiling….


Oh to be young and have a dam on your property to dive into!! This year has so far been very unsettled weather wise. It’s either pouring with rain and causing floods or 41 degrees with scorching sun. According to people in their 90s this isn’t unheard of but in our recent history I don’t remember having so many days over 35 degrees and we are certainly underdone rain wise. The trouble with Australia is it’s a feast or a famine. No gentle English rain for us. 100ml in less than a day or nothing for 6 weeks, goodness knows how my garden is even alive although a water bill 3 times the price of our previous one is indicative of me trying desperately to coerce the plants into living despite the horrible conditions. Especially in view of the upcoming onsite wedding, I can’t afford to take my eye off the ball at all!!! Maybe NOT the best time to plant my new garden bed…..


Luckily (I guess) we had 120ml rain in 2 days this week, I say luckily as we are about to have another 2 days of 40+degree temperatures preceded and followed by a few 35+ days so this little downpour couldn’t have come at a better time!


In an attempt to de-stress about things over which I have no control I went along with a girlfriend to try yoga. We have the most gorgeous yoga shala near us on a farm that hosts weddings and other such affairs so it is beautifully situated in verdant countryside and just being there nourishes you before you even start the class! Needless to say I was a bit hopeless on Day 1 but loved every moment of it and slept like a baby that night so I’m going back for more next week…..


The Engaged Ones have just come back from a lovely 10 day trip to Nepal where they trekked through some of The Himalayas. Their photos were fantastic and have wetted my appetite to do a wee bit more travelling after my wedding obligations are finished. So many places still to see and increasingly little time to see it all! I oscillate madly between wanting wild raw landscapes and beautiful ancient cities and customs, I have no care for 5 star hotels where everything is homogenised and you could be anywhere from Marrakesh to Mauritius, I love the places that sing to you of their origins and traditions and customs. Who wants to eat the same breakfast you have at home? Surely the point of travel is to see and feel differently about the world which in turn makes you see your own world differently when you eventually return home. Vive la difference and all that jazz!


Don’t these pics just make you want to hop on a plane and get into nature?

The rain stopped just in time for The Nowra Show to burst into action. Despite the high temperatures the horsey, cattley people were out in force showing their beloved animals. I hadn’t realised until now that all these country shows are a platform for local farmers to show their best animals and by winning here they get a ticket to show at the big Sydney Easter Show which has considerably more prestige attached. I loved the little kids leading their calfs, so comfortable with their animals and proud as punch when they got a ribbon. I did giggle though when I saw the cows waiting in their stalls with an electric fan whirring on their backsides to keep them cool…!!



The woodchop is always fun to watch and we were glad of a spot in the shade while the big boys got stuck in to the task at hand. I’m glad our logs come pre chopped for our fires as it looks like an accident waiting to happen to the uninitiated!!

It was lovely to see our neighbour Jeanette clean up in the cake competition. No less than 6 1st prizes thank you very much! We were the lucky recipients of the cakes that didn’t make it to the show, if they were slightly uneven or had inconsistent icing they came straight next door for us! Winning!!

Her Mother -in-Law is the famous Vonnie Muller. Famous in the baking world that is. She is known far and wide in the country for her phenomenal cakes and scones and she was persuaded last year to pen some of her favourite recipes into a book. It is now on it’s 3rd print run and she can’t keep up with the demand! She had her very own table in the Show Pavilion where she was signing copies for the masses and she is still chuffed at all the interest it has generated. Never too late for that moment in the sun!


In a year that already seems to have seen so many changes in the world it is increasingly important for us to focus on our own little lives or you could get swept up in the disaster mongering of our politicians and the news channels on the TV. I rarely watch the news anymore as it’s all doom and gloom, accidents, bashings, murders, simmering international tensions with an occasional fluffy panda story thrown in for good measure. It’s easy to lose focus of the important things in life and feel rather pessimistic. It’s easy for young people to feel confused and chase the dollar and success without really loving what they do, always thinking the grass is greener on the other side but if you can find happiness in your work and believe in yourself, success will often follow – just try not to get distracted…..


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