Rain Rain go AWAY!!

2017-03-21 10.50.54

Today the sun is shining and the sky is blue and all is well with my world. My Mum has arrived from the UK and is happily enjoying life in The Meadow as she awaits the wedding, helping me in the garden and enjoying the view from the veranda as she tackles her crosswords! We have been making a point of going somewhere at least every other day and it has been lovely to show her some of our beautiful local scenery and enjoy some nice lunches. A trip to Canberra and Melbourne is planned as well as an overnight stay in Sydney to dine with her Grandsons. She and Bailey have already formed a special bond and I have been dropped like a hot potato in favour of her lying at G’ma’s feet and in turn Mum is obsessed with her velvety ears….

Sadly despite the recent sunshine we are still VERY squelchy underfoot in the garden with large puddles lying on the grass in many places. Even the smallest shower plays havoc with us now as there is absolutely NOWHERE for the water to go, everything is saturated. Dare I say that we need one of those big westerly winds that we hate so much in Winter to come and dry it all out?? As Australia’s North East Coast has been bombarded by Cyclone Debbie, the southern cities have been swept up in the accompanying low pressure system and had decidedly unseasonable weather with the biggest March rainfall in recent history. What a perfect build up to a garden wedding. There is always someone who benefits from the conditions however and the cows were so happy to be finally allowed into our back paddock to tackle grass which is up to their bellies and the sound of them tearing and chewing is audible from our veranda!

2017-04-03 15.22.39

It’s all systems go now wedding wise and the garage and dining room are filling with decor items, platters, signs, lights, glassware and a million little things to make our couple’s day special and unique. I am getting excited and quite emotional about the impending nuptials as I contemplate the moment my beautiful daughter walks down the aisle with her Dad, lots of tissues will be required by a certain Mother of The Bride no doubt!

Last Saturday saw the culmination of months of planning when ‘One Voice Shoalhaven’ presented it’s inaugural show in Nowra. It is the brainchild of my lovely neighbour Sheelagh, who lost her son to melanoma and wanted to do something to both highlight the cause and raise funds for the melanoma foundation. It was a lovely family affair full of good old fashioned entertainment and loads of music of every genre ending in a rousing rendition of John Farnham’s “You’re  the Voice” which everyone joined in with. A sunset picnic and lots of feel good vibes padded out the evening which I’m sure will become an annual fixture. Sheelagh should be very proud of her efforts which were a fitting way to honour her son.

2017-04-01 15.14.57

Despite the outrageous amount of precipitation over the last 6 weeks our amazing painter Andrew has managed to give our house a fresh coat of paint and exchange the original jaunty yellow trim for a soft grey to tone in with the new roof. The old girl has scrubbed up nicely and should now be able to withstand the rigours of the south coast weather for at least another ten years. The wrap around verandas enabled him to work rain hail or shine, they truly are a fabulous architectural addition to any house and we can now choose whichever side of the house has the best option for reading, sipping a vino or just sitting watching the world go by with a certain chocolate dog lying on your feet….

2017-04-01 15.35.39

As the garden needed loads of help number 1 son came down for a couple of nights to help us attack the weeds and was very happy despite the rain to start up the hedge trimmer and get stuck into it. Dressed appropriately in budgie smugglers off he went to wage war with the unruly hedge and provided us with a well needed giggle! Later that night we solved the problems of the world over a bottle or two of red and went to bed listening to the rain pelting down on the tin roof….

We are very excited for the next couple of weeks as our family and friends arrive from overseas and interstate and we anticipate a lot of laughs and happy times together. I look forward to sharing the big day with you all in a few weeks. Fingers crossed the sunshine will return and it will be a blue sky day.




2 thoughts on “Rain Rain go AWAY!!

  1. Hello Susie

    As usual, I love your blog! Do hope your foot is 100% now and all is in order for THE WEDDING (ha ha ha from a woman who is only just beginning to get used to wedding arrangements and plans ……..).

    What date is the wedding?

    Love to you.


    On 4 April 2017 at 16:37, My Move To The Meadow wrote:

    > susiecameron posted: ” Today the sun is shining and the sky is blue and > all is well with my world. My Mum has arrived from the UK and is happily > enjoying life in The Meadow as she awaits the wedding, helping me in the > garden and enjoying the view from the veranda as she tackl” >


  2. Oh my gosh my darling! SO thinking of u and the excitement coming for all directions! Great blog! I’m feeling it!! Can’t wait for it all to come, for it all to happen, and THEN we can have a beautiful vino to discuss ALL!! It will be beautiful – I can feel it in my bones. You, me and Miss Maryan … stand by to share a bottle or three!!! Big hugs to the Cameron’s!!!! Xxxxx


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