Life after The Wedding


And here we are – back to reality and the routine once more. Three weeks after the big celebration I am finally back to myself after a fairly severe case of post wedding blues. The first week was full of cleaning up and packing up and then I whizzed off to Melbourne for a few days with my Mum which was lovely. I hadn’t been there for yonks and we stayed slap bang in the middle of the city and made great use of the trams and the hop on hop off bus to discover all the nearest tourist destinations. Some gorgeous old buildings like The State Library and Flinders Street Station, the characterful Victoria Markets with the best freshly cooked hot jam donuts (a perfect brekky with some piping hot coffee to go!), St Kilda with its beach promenade and pier, the sparkly big city shops and some lovely alleyways vibrant with people chatting, eating and drinking, graffiti laden walls alongside smart designer shops, book shops bursting to the seams and buskers on every corner. Melbourne has it all and more.

Mum was a real trooper as I walked her up and down the city grid looking for x or y (I am a hopeless map reader as my family will attest to, they are still amazed I managed to travel around the world in the pre google maps era!) and we enjoyed sampling some of Melbourne’s eclectic food scene and watching the world go by. Her 6 weeks with us had flown by and it was great to spend some one on one time with her before she flew back to the UK. Our last couple of days in The Meadow and we were still finding places she hadn’t seen so she will just have to come over again in the not too distant future.

2017-05-01 12.26.13

It’s always horrible saying goodbye to your family when they live on the other side of the world and especially when you don’t have a fixed plan in your mind of the next time you will see each other so I was a sad girl for a few days. After such a long time of looking forward to everything it was all over and I was projectless!! Time for this little black duck to embrace something new I think…..

2017-05-07 12.52.44

Being in the middle of such beautiful countryside helped me return to my normal cheerful self, with long walks with Bailey helping to restore my love of life once more. Autumn is definitely here with all the trees turning orange and crimson and dropping their leaves, the nights are cool now and the wood pile is being stacked in readiness for some open fires over the coming months. It’s darker in the mornings and the snuggliness of bed is sometimes hard to leave but despite myself I LOVE the mornings down here with the mist hanging in the hills and the cows silhouetted against the rising sun and I’ve even signed up for a 7am pilates class so I can witness the countryside awakening as I drive there! Crazy woman that I am!

Our new camellia hedge is off and running with some beautiful flowers unfurling on a regular basis and together with the dahlias are keeping some interest and colour in the garden. We even heard some tiny sounds coming from our hedge and on closer inspection found a nest with a couple of these little guys waiting for their Mum to feed them. Baby top notch pigeons apparently ♥♥

This last weekend saw us back down to Milton for a Long Lunch hosted by Get in the Q at the very special Claydon Park. A beautiful day with Autumn sunshine and blue skies made for a lovely day to enjoy the creative and well thought out food from Damien and his team together with plenty of wine and lively conversation from the eclectic mix of food lovers who gathered in the beautiful clear roofed marquee to enjoy locally sourced and prepared food.

It is a gorgeous location for everything from a lunch to a party to a wedding and whilst the team were preparing a rather different presentation of the dessert everyone enjoyed walking around the property and meeting some of the pigs and checking out the vast veggie garden which is always brimming with goodies. A beautiful part of the world.

So life carries on, our newlyweds are on a high – booking their honeymoon in Canada and planning their move to Saigon, brimming with the endless possibilities for their future just as they should. My boys are well and happy and I really can throw myself into anything – but what??? The dilemma is whether to take on more work or maybe go out on a limb and try my hand at something more creative. It is a wonderful time that we live in when someone of my age can still ponder their options and even get a bit excited about it all. In days gone by it would have all been over Red Rover and despite the fact that I have entered the “invisible ” age I still feel I have something worthwhile to offer. Life is anything other than boring and I am excited about things to come. How lucky am I??


2017-05-08 11.00.51

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