A Love Hate Relationship

This evening at 6 pm I decided to make use of the hammock that my son Tom put up the first weekend we moved in. It is at the back of the property overlooking the paddocks and feels very hedonistic when you’re there, swinging gently, with not a care in the world. I love it. There is a lovely breeze and I can hear the wrens and finches in the nearby bushes and the kurrawongs and lorikeets in the trees. All is well with my world, well almost………..I can also hear the sound of the trucks on the Princes Highway.

You can barely see the highway but when the wind is in a certain direction and in the stillness of the early morning or late afternoon I can hear them hurtling up or down the highway in a desperate bid to get their goods to Sydney or Nowra “in time” for…… whatever. It is the ONLY thing that is a demerit point so far with the property. I speak to myself logically….”people need groceries and petrol Suz” or “it’s good to be close to an arterial road – easy to get everywhere and easy for people to call in” but it BUGS ME!!!!

It is however a do-able compromise in the scheme of things. I love the house. I love the surroundings and I love the lifestyle. It all came at a reasonable price. Soooo……………there has to be a compromise somewhere and I guess this is it. Not the end of the world, just a niggle in the background occasionally, such as when I’m daydreaming in the hammock…

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