Out and About

Well, now that things are starting to calm down slightly there is some free time to explore and start to check out our local community. Due to the unrelenting gardening – digging, weeding etc, my back is starting to complain and I knew it was time to get back to Pilates. My lovely friend and style queen Gretel alerted me to a new Pilates studio opening in the near vicinity and with the lure of “free initial consultations in February” I was  soon pulling up into the drive of the Berry Pilates Studio. Leanne has made a beautiful studio from the existing framework of an old tin shed and it has a beautiful view over their property and together with brand new equipment and her attention to detail, I am now the newest member of the studio with an individualised program! Leanne is also from Sydney, having moved here about 9 months ago, so it is nice for us both to meet new people. She is putting me in a class with some nice locals starting next week so watch this space………..

pilates berry       view from pilates

As this week is my birthday week we have some tentative plans to have a nice lunch or dinner out. We are quite spoilt for choice considering we are in the country and we have a few contenders for the birthday treat. Lunch overlooking the vines at Silos Estate Winery could be a winner if it’s a nice sunny day…..


Alternatively we could have lunch at Gerroa beach at The Blue Swimmer cafe, with glorious views right up 7 mile beach followed by a swim…..

gerroa blue swimmer cafe

If it turns out to be a bit of a miserable day we could have dinner instead at South on Albany, a new restaurant in town that is getting great reviews for its fresh, tasty and innovative food.

South-on-Albany-3-1                    OR

The Hungry Duck, a modern Asian restaurant with a chef who used to work with the renowned Tetsuya. Degustation dinners to die for apparently…..


So, despite our new country bumpkin status, we still have lots of wonderful places to visit and try out and as we LOVE our food and wine we are so happy to be on a food trail of sorts down here on the South Coast. There is a big ‘paddock to the plate’ philosophy down here as well as community fruit and veg boxes and buying straight from the farm and we very much intend to get involved with these in the coming months and years. I’m still tickled pink that I can walk out to the garden and harvest our own fresh food for dinner! We are already starting to plan our meals around what is available and the amount of garbage we put out each week is drastically less already. We are trying to not waste anything if possible and with the chickens and a great compost area this is much easier than we had imagined.

2 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Justin loves what you’ve done…. your home and countryside look spectacular!
    You’ve both done a great job and he thinks you’ve made the right move.
    He feels you will both be very happy in your beautiful new surrounds.
    Maria x


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