Anzac Day in a country town

What a wonderful morning we had commemorating the 100 year anniversary of Gallipoli. We have been to a few dawn services in Sydney’s Martin Place which were always special and full of the pomp and ceremony you would expect, but somehow this years simple and inclusive ceremony in Berry resonated more. Maybe it made us more aware of that ‘everyday’ guy who signed up – often from the country – just doing what he had to do, and as I had my morning cuppa at sunrise (thanks to Bailey) outside looking over the fields I was very aware that they would have had absolutely no idea what they were signing up for. Whereas a new day always holds hope for me I’m sure that dawn in Gallipoli would hold a different feeling altogether for the diggers. Those of you who know my family history would understand that this was a very emotional day and tears were flowing at several different stages of the day as I witnessed both the very young and very old come together over a mutual love of Australia and the life we live here, thanks in part to the sacrifice of these men and women so many years ago. #lestweforget 2015-04-25 10.32.04     2015-04-25 10.32.17   Loved seeing the nurses represented too….   2015-04-25 10.30.51

Everyone came out to march

2015-04-25 10.20.42    2015-04-25 10.33.04  2015-04-25 10.33.24   2015-04-25 10.22.44   Catching up with old mates at the pub.   Cam has left for a 2 week trip to China, Hong Kong and Singapore leaving Bailey and I to hold the fort. Before he left we pulled off our work clothes and spruced up to have a farewell dinner at South on Albany and how glad we were that we made the effort to go out as we had a delicious meal. Such a pleasant surprise to be able to get such good quality food here in the country- as good if not better than lots in Sydney and at a reasonable price too. We will definitely be back here again.2015-04-24 20.50.07  Confit of duck on cauliflower puree – scrumptious!! 2015-04-24 21.19.59

Please note the option to have a glass of local milk!!!

Our curtains were installed this week, great timing as the cold weather and rain have arrived at the same time. It’s quite amazing what a difference window coverings make, they really dress a room and frame the windows. As we didn’t want anything to block our beautiful view of the Cambewarra escarpment we took the advice of the lovely Nola who organised the making of the curtains and went with a linen curtain and we are very happy that we did as they hang beautifully in between the windows and on a sunny day they blow gently in the breeze and remind me of my childhood in England where everyone had the ubiquitous ‘net curtains’ to ensure privacy without blocking light.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The dining room also got the dress up treatment and we are a step closer to having a completed room. A 3 metre oak table with some new chairs has been spotted and mentally purchased and I can just imagine long lunches with friends and family in the winter with the fire crackling……

2015-04-24 17.24.40   While the sun has been out after all the rain I have tried to make the most of it and attack the garden – specifically the veggie patch which has suffered a lot during the bad weather. We have weeds up to our ankles both in the garden beds and throughout the pebbles! I read somewhere that pouring boiling water over them kills them and as its a chemical free option I am going to give it a whirl this week if the weather holds. As lots of summer crops are finishing – tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce – I realise I haven’t been thinking ahead enough and have experienced the dreaded phenomena of ‘spare beds’ unplanted  and bare. Next year I will be far more aware of what to plant when, but this year I just about have time to plant a few more caulis and cabbage, spinach, onions and leeks as well as peas of all descriptions before the weather becomes wintry and slows down all the growth, so I spent today weeding and planting while Bailey raced round and around the garden her little ears flapping behind her as she just enjoyed the pure joy of being a puppy in the country!! Eventually she collapsed exhausted in the middle of a garden bed….!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I harvested the last of the tomatoes and decided to try and bottle them for a taste of summer. I slow roasted them in the oven with some garlic (thanks to Karen and Phil Riley @ Milton) basil and thyme and then immersed them in extra virgin olive oil with some salt, pepper and the odd chilli. They should be great for pasta sauces in the middle of winter when the sun seems a long way away….. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A touch of summer deliciousness ready for the oven….

2 thoughts on “Anzac Day in a country town

  1. Those tomatoes look lovely Susie, a great way to use up a glut !
    The curtains really finish off your rooms and as you say will help keep the house warmer in your “winter” !!!!
    Bailey has really grown and will keep you company while Wayne is away.
    I’m away (at Did’s farm) from 3rd to 9th but it would be nice to try to fit in a call before that if poss ?
    Love you lots x x x x


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