Home Alone

It’s been a quiet week here with hubby overseas playing golf in China and then in Singapore for a week working to pay for our new ensuite! It is coming along beautifully and will most probably be just about finished in another week. The Tradies have been great and very dedicated – the painter was here Saturday and Sunday getting it done. As wonderful as it is that they are all pitching in, it is a constant battle for me to keep young Bailey out from under their feet. She LOVES them all. They all smell good and leave a trail of tasty offcuts of underlay and gyprock for her to chew. Their paint buckets provide her with endless fascination (and a white nose and whiskers) and they all have little eskies with yummy foody treats. To be honest she is going to be rather bored once they go. So, between the rain and avoiding the tradies we have been locked in the lounge or in the car trying not to be a nuisance to everyone.

2015-05-04 17.10.29

Progress with the ensuite – 10 days to go!!

I escaped for one day to Sydney and Bailey was fantastic in the car. Due to the dreadful weather it was a 3 hour journey each way and she just slept and happily sat in the front of the car with me – not even a comfort stop until we reached Paddington where Tom was going to babysit for a few hours while I got my hair done. Tom’s mates all came for a play with Bailey at the park and she rewarded them with lots of puppy love.They all had fun and we went to lunch in Double Bay where she was the centre of attention with so many people wanting to pat her and regale me with tales of their dogs. As Tom said “the best chick magnet EVER”!! She was very well behaved and I’m thankful that she likes to travel and is easy with people.

2015-04-30 13.55.26   Lunch at Indigo – yummy!

I have enrolled her in puppy pre-school with The Berry Vets. It is a 4 week course and should help her socialise with other dogs and learn the ropes. So far she has only met Wally – a 1 year old black Lab who lives in our Lane and was SO EXCITED to see Bailey he nearly choked himself trying to say hello to her. She was initially pleased to see him too but then just froze, lay down and refused to move!

At 14 weeks she is still learning alot.

  • She loves tomatoes and eats them as often as she can steal them from the vine.
  • She sits and shows immense discipline as she waits for her meals. Her whole body quivers in anticipation until I give her the go ahead. I have the power….
  • She wakes EVERY morning at 5.55 am (or earlier) and then goes back to sleep at 7 am (just when I have to be up to welcome the builders….)
  • She still loves flowers – very rarely will she pass by and NOT have a smell or nip at them.
  • She adores any empty containers or rolly tubey things and will fetch and drop them for hours if I had the patience.

As I was about to post this an atrocity was committed…

She had been rather quiet (always a bad sign) but I thought she was asleep and I went out onto the veranda to get something to find this…..

2015-05-04 08.03.53

Guess I won’t be wearing them to the wedding on Saturday then…

She got into BIG trouble for this and she slunk off to her bed looking very sheepish. Not a happy camper.

(A few nice things coming up in the next couple of weeks so watch this space……….)

2 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Oh Susie! Have to say I had a giggle about your shoe ….. not much sympathy when he’s such a cute dog! You will look wonderful at the wedding even if you are in Wellies!


    • Marilyn, needless to say I have all the doors firmly shut now – its a bit prison like but I can’t take the risk!!
      I am now wearing something a lot more low key to the wedding with flat boots!! Still VERY wet down here so come prepared! x


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