The big, big, big, BIG wet!!

2015-08-25 11.53.46
No sooner had I written about the imminent arrival of Spring when we experienced a nasty low pressure system that was hanging around the east coast of NSW and which delivered 375 ml of rain (that’s nearly 15 inches in the old money) in 3 days and created a few headaches in the region. Major and minor roads were shut, as were the schools and the shops. Rivers and dams broke their banks as they just couldn’t deal with the speed of the rapidly rising water levels and the poor farmers were desperately trying to move their animals to higher ground before they got stuck. We had relatively minor flooding around the house and basically just had to stay inside for 48 hours until things calmed down again. A few days later and things have improved enormously just leaving us with a soggy garden and a full water tank.2015-08-25 11.53.54

The side garden

2015-08-25 09.28.27

11954754_1044116482278720_4649984689253769997_nThe local sailing club – only the roof was showing at high tide

hay ave

Shoalhaven Heads most expensive street under water…….

opening the river to the ocean They finally dredged an opening from the river to the ocean to relieve the situation.

tannery roadGoing nowhere fast….

But as usual here in sunny Australia the clouds cleared to a blue sky and the sun came back out and last week is a nearly distant memory. Once the sun came out the bees were back at work in our lavender and all was well with the world…..


I had a quick trip to Sydney and managed to pack LOADS into a little over 24 hours. A Specialist appointment that almost ran on time (miraculous!) allowed me some time for a quick whizz around the shops – so shiny and sparkly and bright I hardly knew where to start!! I shopped like a bloke and therefore had a pretty successful 2 hours resulting in a  few purchases and I was a happy little camper. Nothing like going home with bags with strings.

A lovely evening with all my bookclub girls and a catch up the following day with the girls from my old Physio clinic with their gorgeous offspring gave me the hit of Sydney I needed before heading home with my car boot full of plants from the nursery and my tummy full of lunch after meeting Tom in Padding ton for a bite to eat. Amazing what you can pack into 24 hours when you have to!

I collected Bailey from the kennels – she was excited to see me but was in no hurry to leave (I think you can see why in the picture). She was happily exhausted after 2 days of playing with all the other “guests” and had had a wonderful time. She apparently behaved and was well liked (it was like getting a school report!) and we are welcome back any time!


I couldn’t get Bailey to stay on the bed but this little hound was happy to comply!

Please note the doggy doonas on top of their trampoline beds and the individualised decor! This room had doors out into a large exercise run and had piped music to boot! Nothing is too good for our fur babies……

A shop in Berry called Shady Fig was holding a masterclass in flower arranging and as I have no faith in myself in this field I enrolled and talked my friend Leanne into coming with me too. Michelle is a lovely friendly girl who stocks a selection of quirky and individual items in her shop and she put on a great night for us with champagne on arrival, a detailed demonstration and then it was our turn to come up with something…..


Everything is beautifully prepared for us      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Michelle demonstrating a “loose” design. Particularly hard for us symmetrical types who usually prefer a slightly more formal look but this loose style works better in the country I think…



Beautiful flowers everywhere


Taaa daaa!!! The finished article….

2015-08-29 07.17.12

Our friends Craig and Jill had an overnight stay with us on their way to a music festival in a field in Milton. After 15 inches of rain last week I can only imagine what fun they would have camping there! Alcohol was going to have to play a big part in the tent being bearable I think. Reminded me of my youth when I too did the camping in the mud at festivals. Maybe mud is an intrinsic part of the music festival experience? I’m sure they will appreciate being back in their own bed when they get home…..


Bailey enjoying Craig’s company….

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