Bailey is in the Doghouse

2015-09-04 07.09.17

Is 7 months equivalent to teenagehood in dog years?

Miss Bailey has been a bit naughty this week.

I was having some difficulties with my computer sound and after twiddling every little button and checking my settings 20 times, I realised that the cable connecting the sound to the computer had been chewed in half. Two guesses as to who was the guilty party??

With the beautiful Spring weather and the longer days the chocolate one has been waking up bright and early and is ready for action circa 6.30 am. She lets us know that she is awake and ready to play with gentle whining that escalates to a “wake up now please” bark and it is very hard to ignore. I thought I would win this little power play by getting up to tell her “NO” and then leaving her shut off at the other end of the house while I attempted to go back to bed and snooze. She continued to whinge until I gave in at 7 am. I got up and smugly made my coffee feeling I had proven to her who was boss when I noticed something wasn’t quite right with my spare pull out bed……

2015-09-04 07.05.41

My smugness disappeared as I realised my tactic had well and truly backfired.

I went ballistic of course and she knew she had done something very wrong. She slunk outside and looked very doleful and sad at this turn of events. During the day every time I looked at it or pointed to it she did the same thing – at least she knows she did wrong and didn’t employ the  “well, THAT will teach you for ignoring me” attitude. She got locked in the laundry that night so hopefully the message got through.

In order to restore the friendship we decided to make the most of a beautiful afternoon and head for the beach where she could run to her heart’s content and tire herself out. When we got there we had the entire beach to ourselves, which always amazes me after Sydney’s well utilised beaches. It is a great beach to walk on with flat well packed sand and people walk, run, ride their horses, cycle and even go kite karting on it at various times of the year. Today it showed the aftermath of the big rain with loads of driftwood and foam balls blowing in the wind like tumbleweed which kept Bailey amused for ages.

2015-09-01 14.27.52

Foamy fun…

2015-09-01 14.05.30

Not a soul in sight…

What a beautiful way to start the day.


It’s back!!!

After an initial burst of Spring loveliness our bubble was well and truly burst with the floods and now you would hardly know they had happened except it’s still squelchy underfoot in a few places and the plants wont need watering for ages. I stocked up on loads of flowers and veggies to plant and am madly trying to get rid of the last of my winter veggies – cabbages anyone? I am going to attempt to make some sauerkraut this weekend with the last of them and then I can plant some zucchinis in the cabbage bed. As soon as the brussel sprouts are gone (they were fabulous this winter) the tomatoes can go in and the fennel, beans, beetroot, carrots and lettuce are already enjoying their new place in the patch. Anything I don’t grow I can order from Greenbox and our local producers so I am very lucky.


It’s a good job that fresh produce is prolific at the moment as I have embarked on a 6-8 week anti-allergy diet which is basically Paleo and involves no grains, dairy or alcohol . Seeing as I could happily live on bread, cheese and a glass of red I’m not a happy camper at the moment. The first couple of weeks are always the hardest and I have to get into the swing of it by having plenty of options on hand and prepared so I have things to take to work or have in a hurry when I would usually grab a sandwich. As for giving up my evening glass of wine – nothing is going to make that any easier I’m afraid. I can have an “occasional” glass apparently and I am translating that as being able to have one if I go out to dinner or if someone comes here for dinner. Fair enough I think??

So here I am dreaming of this..


when all I can really have is this…..

Anyway……….if it works and I can enjoy a better quality of life (well, breathing anyway) I will happily forgo some of my fave foods. With my body at an all time super sensitive high the least I can do is be proactive in my health and try and ‘do it my way’ as Frank would say. Watch this space……

We had a nice surprise visit from Tom this weekend, his mere presence was his gift to his Dad on Father’s Day and on Sunday we ventured into town with the chocolate button to visit the monthly market at The Showground. It is extremely popular with people coming out in droves for their new season plants and loads of handmade and crafted items. The crowds are a rare experience for Bailey and she gets super excited for the first 10 minutes until she gets used to it all. I found a nice lead for Bailey’s dog friend Chloe (remind me to give it to you Karen Riley) and Tom gifted his Dad a nice new belt. We bumped into Leigh and John from The Valley stocking up on new plants and she showed me the place to get a good passionfruit plant. I have been looking for the common black passionfruit for weeks but all I could find was the banana or golden one so I am happy that we will now have our fave fruit on hand to squeeze over a pav, or some yoghurt or in a tart whenever the fancy takes us!

berry market

The Berry Country Fair

2015-09-06 11.19.42

Happy Father’s Day

With the arrival of Spring my favourite little blue wrens are back making nests in my rose bushes . I can spend ages just watching them and listening to them sing. Just another beautiful part of daily life in The Meadow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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