Feeling the serenity


I almost didn’t post anything this week as it has been non eventful and quiet. Then I thought isn’t that fantastic – a calm serene week where I was happy every day, just pottering in the garden, walking the dog, looking after the house and enjoying my environment. I treated myself to a coffee at the gelato shop and thought it was a big deal; I went to Sydney for a haircut and dashed home without shopping at Miranda Fair which was 5 minutes from the hairdresser because Bailey was home alone and I felt guilty. What is happening to me????

I’ve never felt calmer, slept better or been more grateful for the simple things in life. Maybe it’s getting older or maybe it’s a genuine enjoyment of my new life but I am not bored, I love pulling open the curtains in the morning – even if it is before 7 am – and seeing the cows wandering past from their milking and I love saying good morning to ‘the girls’ and collecting their eggs, still warm, in my hand. The fact that all the trees are blossoming or in leaf and the birds are nesting all contributes to my feeling of well being and an overall sense of contentment and happiness.

It was a beautiful weekend for The Berry Small Field Day, a mostly agricultural show with all the latest in 4X4s, trailers, tractors, fencing and chainsaws, sheds and livestock. This year they included a gardening section to make it more appealing to the wider community and there was also an interesting stall featuring the local beekeeping society. We are keen to have a hive and there are several new types available so we will make some enquiries.



What is an agricultural show without tractors?


Or without a devonshire tea for that matter!

It was a really warm day and we got to use a lovely gift that our friend in Moruya, Sue, gave to Bailey earlier in the week. It is a really fantastic idea – a fold up waterproof bowl (that can attach to her collar) if you’re out and about during the day. It is much easier to find a tap than a drinking vessel and she lapped it up – literally!! Great gift – thanks Suz!!!

2015-09-12 12.51.47

A happy puppy2015-09-12 12.51.50 A h

We actually used it again yesterday when we decided to explore some more of our local coast and nipped down to Huskisson for a walk and lunch at The Husky Pub. People were out in droves due to the beautiful Spring weather and some brave souls actually went in the sea for a swim. Brave, not because of the surf (which is non existent here) but for the water temperature which is still, shall we say, ‘brisk’???


Beautiful Huskisson

2015-09-13 12.36.25

Cammo appreciating the view from The Husky as well as a cold drink.

Today my friend Jill is coming to stay for the night and I am excited to be going into Berry for dinner and to show her the area I am feeling more attached to every day!! The following may sum up our philosophy but of course as we are old and sensibilish no doubt we will behave instead……….???


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