Make hay while the sun shines

Life poddles on in The Meadow as we fall into the rythmn of our new life. As it becomes our new normal we hardly recognise our newly relaxed selves as we wake with the sun and connect ourselves to nature. A half an hour in the veggie garden checking on the new seedlings and plucking the odd weed before collecting the morning’s eggs from the girls and then off for a walk with the chocolate drop is the perfect way to start the day.  I have been exploring some of the other local ‘lanes’ with her and have come across some magnificent properties and beautiful countryside. No wonder our office at Raine & Horne is going crazy with enquiries from city folk looking for a country getaway. The hottest segment of the market is the 1-5 acre plot in the $1-1.5M price bracket and we could sell 5 a day if we could only get some stock!! It makes Cam and I feel better that our house falls exactly within those parameters and if and when we are ever fed up with it I know we would have no problem at all selling it. Luckily we love it – even Cam has fallen in love with it – and hopefully we wont part with it for a long time yet!

2015-09-20 15.06.47

The beautiful countryside around Berry

It was lovely to have one of my longtime Sydney friends come and stay last week. She was working at Wollongong and decided to drive another hour to stay at The Meadow instead of heading back to Sydney. We had a lovely time chatting non-stop ( we excel at this, as both our husbands can testify) and we ventured into town (!) for a meal at the pub and after a nice walk with Bailey the next day and a bimble around the shops she was back to the big smoke. I’m so grateful that so many of our friends have made the effort to come down and see us as it makes a huge difference to how we feel – our old life can happily merge with our new one – and as the weather warms up I’m sure a few more friends will be booking in to the B&B!!!

2015-09-16 18.18.46

Thanks for the bubbles Jilly – so lovely to have you stay   xx

We got our lovely architect Natasha back to draw up a smaller revised alteration plan for the back of the house and have also booked the builder as his first job in 2016. That way we can enjoy Xmas with all the troops without having to worry about it being a building site. The library is in production and should be installed in the next few weeks (nothing happens fast in the country). It has proved quite a headache for the cabinet maker with the large dimensions as well as the pull down bed inclusion. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

Things are warming up and the garden is springing back into life as we discover new plants we didnt know we had! A gorgeous wisteria has burst into flower and I have to somehow get up a ladder and wind it around our pergola to encourage it in the right direction as it is a nicely established one we can use with our new extension area. It always helps a new build look part of the original if it is softened with some large plants or trees.



The plum trees in blossom


Native rock orchids


A bush rose

2015-09-20 13.37.01

One of our beautiful blue tongued lizards basking in the spring sunshine

After one of my lovely country walks and feeling full of the joys of spring, I headed home in the car to find a bad accident just around the corner from our house at The Silos Winery. It has a nasty exit onto the Highway with people zooming past at 100km+ and this poor chap just didn’t time it properly. My happy mood slipped away as I realised how things can change at the drop of a hat and that we really do only have one life to live so we should make it a life that we love.


Luckily everyone was ok but it is a reminder that life can change in a second.


2015-09-18 22.25.57

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