Little beasties of feather fur and skin

2015-10-12 21.59.01

I feel like a kindergarten kid who is obsessed with the nature table at the back of the classroom. My beautiful hall table is morphing into one as I find little baby nests and then hatched eggs, pine cones and seed pods and needless to say I have little jars of flowers from the garden everywhere too!

2015-10-13 11.46.19                2015-10-12 21.58.43

It has been a week involving various animals with spring and the warmer weather spurring them on to mate, nest and generally bask in the sun. Our local rabbit and hare population is getting brazen once again and they run straight across our property to get to the open fields. The chocolate drop can see them a mile off and chases them as fast as she can but to no avail (thankfully). Despite their ridiculous zigzag running style they always outrun her and she is yet to realise that she can actually get out of our garden and into the open countryside (double thankfully) and she returns to the veranda a little miffed and crestfallen that the bunnies got away again…..

On my way to work this week I came across my first ever echidna in the wild. It nearly became an ex-echidna as it was leisurely walking across the main Princes Highway with cars whizzing by at 100km per hour. Luckily we all managed to avoid it and I snapped this pic as it made it across to the safe zone and hopefully an assignation with a lady echidna to make all the effort worthwhile……


Bailey had a lovely afternoon when we invited our neighbours up for afternoon drinks. They are the proud owners of Wally (Walter when he is in trouble) a black Lab about 6 months older than Bailey and after spending her first few months being petrified of him they are now firm friends and they had a great old time dashing round and round the house and wrestling together on the lawn.

2015-10-10 17.13.15

Bailey and her beau….

Yesterday I heard a dreadful ruckus going on in the garden and came outside to see a horrible huge scary bird frightening all the little birds up in our big cedar tree. They were flying around it and doing their best to screech at it before it eventually took off. We think it is an asian cuckoo and I can see why the little birds hate it – I was scared enough. A very Hitchcock type scary bird performance it was indeed……..

Later in the afternoon Cam and I noticed a little bird at the base of the tree and we went over to check it out. It was a baby galah that I think must have either been frightened and tried to flee the nest or been tipped out of it’s nest by the cuckoo but although it wasn’t a teeny tiny baby it was still too small to fly. Cam managed to catch it (a sturdy pair of gloves were needed as those little guys can really take a big nip out of your hand) and put it up in the lower branches of the tree where hopefully no foxes can get it. The parents were flying around but I haven’t actually seen them feed it so I really hope it will be ok and quickly learn to fly. It is a real cutie….


In a rather more  cliched ‘Australian’ type animal encounter I had to grapple today with a rather large red bellied black snake which was basking in the front yard of a house I had open for inspection. When I say grapple, it was more a question of poking it with a big broom and shooing it into the bushes between the adjoining properties!! Then I came inside to see a huge pregnant huntsman spider on the door – what next!!!! This Real Estate malarkey is starting to become a bit dangerous!!! However it presented beautifully to some unsuspecting city types….

2015-10-17 12.01.11 2015-10-17 12.02.28

Earlier in the week I had a lovely day out in Bowral, combining some shoe, furniture and plant shopping! I had a great time pottering around a few local stores and also drove to have a look at The Cherry Tree Walk which runs alongside the river for several kilometres and encompasses a war memorial dedicated to The Vietnam Veterans. It is very pretty being lined with hundreds of cherry trees and is a beautiful tranquil place.


2015-10-15 14.57.16

2015-10-15 11.46.00                2015-10-15 11.30.57

My very favourite place to furniture dream is Susie Andersons at Dirty Janes in Bowral and she is a super friendly, lovely lady to boot! She is keeping an eye out for an armoire for me for the guest bedroom. Outside her shop this gorgeous little canary was singing it’s heart out in the sunshine at The Potting Shed and really showing off to everyone passing by. I love how he is colour co-ordinated with all the terracotta pots!

To round the week off our friend Dave came to visit. He is familiar with this area as his parents used to have a house in a nearby lane and he still knows quite a few locals. He and Cam met about 12 years ago when we had Harry’s Cafe De Wheels in Newcastle and Cam used to stay in a hotel that Dave ran – and they’ve been good mates ever since.

2015-10-17 19.52.02

As luck would have it The Mollymook Cup was being held at Nowra racecourse the next day and the lovely Rileys invited us to come along. We got frocked up and set off to see what a bit of country racing was like. We had a great day although absolutely no luck on the gee gees and met a load of localish people from Milton and Mollymook who had very sensibly organised a coach to get them home. I always forget how fantastic the horses are until you’re right up close and personal – they really are magnificent and with all the brightly patterned silks, bottomless champers and fashions on the field it was a colourful day indeed.

12170187_1030073860392983_1606755282_n  The Fab Four

2015-10-18 15.52.08

Fashions in The Field

2015-10-18 15.01.05

And in racing micro fashion…..

2015-10-18 13.45.08

and always remember folks…………..


(ps…In case any of you were wondering the little galah flew off happily into the wings of it’s mother about 36 hours later  xx)

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