Fun in The Meadow

2015-10-25 10.16.33

It was a busy week at The Meadow with the arrival of several groups of the family popping in for an overnight stay in The Lane. The Queensland mob found the weather a little unpalatable and their ‘de rigeur’ outfits of shorts and tees a little understated for the chilly turn in the weather! The cooler temperature did however suit us having a couple of meals and several bottles of red in the dining room with lots of chats about the old days growing up and plans for the Patriach of the family’s 90th birthday celebrations next year. It was great to see everyone and yet again I am grateful that we are not TOO far away from Sydney and we are still fairly accessible to all.

2015-10-24 07.25.44 The family in the sunshine (it came out as they left of course!)


Tom was also in Berry as one of his Sydney mates parents had just sold their Berry country house and the lads were having a farewell party there! He managed to meet up with the senior Cameron brothers for a drink at the pub before heading up the mountain to the action. (The photographer made Tom sit down to get in the frame with the rather more vertically challenged ones!!!)

Of course once everyone left the sun came out and we had a perfect weekend for The Shoalhaven River Festival and for a bit of work in the garden. The Festival was a huge success with riverside markets, bands, fireworks and SUP races, a colour fun run and jet boat races- something for everyone!


2015-10-25 10.31.36

2015-10-24 21.56.08

Our little chocolate dog has been up to no good this week. She suddenly decided after sleeping in her doggy bed for the past 7 months that it may make a tasty snack and proceeded to chew it to bits, pulling out the foam interior! Despite her obvious embarrassment when challenged about it she did it 3 nights in a row and I was forced into taking preventative measures. It is now sewn and pinned back together and quite heavily dredged in cayenne pepper to discourage further midnight feasts and it seems to be working so far. To be honest there isn’t much else she can turn her teeth to in the laundry but no doubt she will come up trumps and surprise me yet again at some stage!

2015-10-22 06.56.07

After our visitors left we had a solid day working in the garden and I must say all our flowers are starting to make it look very pretty. I love being able to walk around snipping off little bunches of flowers for guest bedrooms and the lounge room.2015-10-23 10.38.01

My sweet peas are also in full swing and have completely taken over our fence in the veggie patch! Hopefully they will attract bees etc to help pollinate our fruit and veggies. I was sure it said they were dwarf plants on the seed packet but obviously not!!!

2015-10-20 13.23.59

We also discovered a nice walk alongside the river which Bailey loved. She gets a bit fed up with us hanging around the house working and LOVES it when we venture out and about. Some of the local scenery is gorgeous and we really do have to make an effort to see some of the surrounding area. Hyams beach and Vincentia is beautiful and not too far away. We might even treat ourselves to a night away and rent one of the lovely old whaling cottages for an overnight stay!

2015-10-25 10.24.22

A little rest after a local walk with the hound.


One of the beautiful whalers cottages


Hyams beach is reported to have the whitest sand in the world but whether or not that is true it is a great place for a weekend escape even if it just down the road! The South Coast is full of such gems to discover.It’s like being on holidays 7 days a week except for the fact that we still have to work……

Unfortunately this is all too true………..

2015-10-21 19.47.40

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