Dreaming,researching and planning…..

2016-01-18 08.32.18
The weather has been just beautiful this week and the garden is in full throttle. The roses are tumbling over each other as they bloom and the cottage garden is filling in nicely. The veggie patch is ridiculous and I have been dropping bags of zukes, cukes, eggplant and tomatoes to everyone in the lane that doesn’t have their own patch as there  is way too much stuff for me to use/pickle/freeze. I’m getting about 20 cucumbers a day, about 6 zucchini, 4 eggplant and 10 tomatoes! Crazy!! Thank goodness we bought a new fridge freezer before Xmas so I can actually store everything. Today I am making the bread and butter cucumbers and moussaka. I’m grating loads of zucchini and freezing it and the rest we are peeling into long strips, marinating in oil, chilli and herbs and tossing onto the bbq with the evening’s meat chicken or fish – delish!!

2016-01-13 07.36.28

The week started with an appointment at the beautiful Jaspers in Berry where the unique and passionate Rosi showed us around her lovely wedding venue. It sits behind some huge trees on the highway and we have always wanted to see inside! Tom even came down from Sydney to lend a younger perspective and to video it all for the engaged one. It was like being transported to another world and I don’t think there was ANYTHING that she hadn’t thought of. The accommodation was top shelf, the 3.5 metre verandas were gorgeous and the interiors were as unique as Rosi herself. A nod to growing up in Papua New Guinea and the old colonial way of doing things. The icing on the cake was the most magnificent tree in the front garden strewn with fairy lights which instantly made me think of ‘the Magic Faraway Tree’ – it’s as close to my imagining of it as I have ever seen….


Is this the real Magic Faraway Tree?

Despite it’s magnificence – or maybe because of it – it’s not quite what the bride-to-be wants. I think after being surrounded by the high end luxe of Honkers she doesn’t really want everything to be shiny and sparkly and her heart lies elsewhere….

For anyone else out there looking for a great venue not too far from Sydney don’t hesitate to check out http://www.jaspersberry.com.au

It was lovely to have Tom down, however briefly, although it ended up costing me more than I thought…..After having a couple of coldies on the veranda in the evening we retired to bed and I woke in the morning to the sound of Bailey crunching something on the veranda. As she has a penchant for sticks I didn’t worry too much until I got up and discovered this…….2016-01-11 08.22.50

Tom’s designer sunnies looking less than functional – and one very sheepish dog.

As the weather was so gorgeous we headed out to 7 mile beach. Our neighbours told us of a secret(ish) track that comes out in the middle of the beach away from most people and the Rangers! So together with the Chocolate Drop we went and had the most magnificent walk with not a person in sight. Just unspoilt apart from the odd bit of driftwood and a few shells.

Our week ended with a nice visit from some old friends from The Ping who popped in on their way to Canberra. We had a terrific lunch at Silos with them and I can’t stop thinking about the hand churned goats milk butter rolled in ash that accompanied the homemade bread and that was before our main courses which were very pretty and totally delicious! We are so lucky to have this place just 5 minutes away from us and they have just started a snacking menu which means you can come for just a nice glass of wine and a snack if you don’t want to do the full blown lunch thing. http://www.silos.com.au

My head has been spinning with all the wedding plans.  You have to research and price everything before you can book anything and I can’t believe that things are already booked so far into the future. You can get a venue but not the caterer or the other way around – it’s nuts! Cam and I have been to visit a few places now and there are so many truly beautiful places to tie the knot around here we are well and truly spoilt! We feel the responsibility of being the eyes of the bride but thanks to the power of the internet she has been able to do everything except actually visit the venues from her desk in Hong Kong. It’s a bit like renovating (which we’re also beginning again – am I mad???) as you have to have all your ducks in a row to know if you can actually afford them!!! Luckily I have one of the most down to earth daughters in the world which makes things a lot easier and when things all get too much I just go and sit on my front veranda and drink in the scenery. Instant relaxation…

On top of the wedding preparations we are planning a trip to Europe later this year to celebrate my Mum’s 80th and also trying to get some renovations done on the back of the house. I  seem to spend loads of time on the phone or on the computer researching accommodation or flights or bathroom and kitchen appliances! We are still waiting for the final tick of approval for the DA.  I received a letter from the council telling me who is looking after my application and saying I can contact him between 9-10.30 am Mon-Fri. Needless to say after phoning him every day at the appointed hour I have still not spoken to him. I guess he will get sick of my messages one day and actually call me back??????????????? Once we get the plans back it will be a bit chaotic for a few months as we get everything built but we have our lovely trip  to look forward to when it all gets too much!!

I had a little chuckle to myself when I saw this….

2016-01-09 20.53.54

2 thoughts on “Dreaming,researching and planning…..

  1. OMG once again you had me in stitches!!! Love the comic strip!!! My goodness I thought I had a lot on my plate?? You make my week with this Blog, inspiring me to get a move on. Love Jude xoxoxo


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