El Nino AND La Nina at The Meadow???

2016-01-18 12.24.58

What the hell has happened to January?

Mid summer one minute and plunged into Autumn/Winter the next. I don’t know what’s worse, 40 degrees and stinking hot or 20 degrees and pouring rain. We have had both in equal measure this week. Poor Bailey has been restricted with both types of weather and has been seen looking gloomily out of the front screen door as the rain tips down or huddled in a shady spot panting and trying to keep cool. Don’t even get me started on how the chickens are handling it all………..

Now what is wrong with this picture folks……..????

Well nothing if you feel like a quick kip under the fan one afternoon I guess but in reality this is part 4 of our bed-in-the-wall saga.

2016-01-21 09.54.27

After waiting for more than 4 months for completion, 3 weeks to get a replacement spring when it broke during installation and another week trying to work out why the cupboards were not now flush after installing the new spring, the unit was finally functional (if a bit wonky) in time for our Christmas guests and the bed was really comfortable to boot – Woohoo!! However my euphoria was short lived, as on pulling the bed down on Xmas Eve there was a sickening  sound of ripping wood and crunching metal (which is never a good sound let’s face it) and the bed has been there ever since! Of course the cabinet makers went on holiday on Xmas Eve for three weeks and on examining it on their return this week they have decided that new bi-fold doors are the only option to decrease the weight load on the mechanism which luckily had just “popped” off the hinge rather than break. So here we go again………..!!

In the meantime it is a nice place for an afternoon snooze……..

In another ongoing story – that of the frangipane that wouldn’t flower – there is a slightly more positive outcome. Let me explain….

When we moved into our house in Rozelle 6 years ago there was a fairly advanced frangipane sapling planted in our rear courtyard. When I redesigned the courtyard I transplanted the tree into a big pot and moved it to a nice sunny spot. I have always loved frangipanes – such a summery and tropical flower to a little English girl – and I was determined to nurture it until it sprung into life and rewarded me with an abundance of flowers to enjoy. It managed a few leaves every year (literally about 6 leaves) and gave me just enough hope that with some love, sunshine and water it would one day be magnificent.

Needless to say that never happened and when the Real Estate people came to take pictures of the house for the rental ad my neighbour felt forced into trying to ‘help’ the situation by attaching some fallen frangi flowers from another tree with cellotape to our plant! Pretty sad state of affairs . I was sure once we planted it in the rich Meadow soil it would flourish and reward us with a lush tree. One year later it was still a stick and the sad day finally came when I decided to pull it out when on closer inspection there were some signs of action with some swelling around the top of the tree and would you believe a few weeks later a crown of flowers has arrived! Absolutely no leaves but there is life AND FLOWERS  and after 6 years my hopeful optimism has finally paid off…

2016-01-21 08.29.30

The other flowers are going great guns and it’s as if everything is on steroids – flowers, veggies AND weeds. If you don’t get a chance to get stuck into the garden for a week due to the wild weather you pay the price with weeds up to your knees and zucchini as big as your lower legs – it’s madness!! The flowers are all pretty happy though…..

This week we celebrated Bailey’s 1st birthday!! We (coincidentally) invited our neighbours from the lane for a bbq and they bought their new border collie puppy Dougal for a playdate. Hard to believe that Bailey is now the grand old dame and we have a new kid on the block. She has had a good week socialising as Jess bought her two gorgeous dogs Panterra and Frankie down to The Meadow for a visit and they spent a lovely couple of hours chasing balls and running around. Bailey was particularly fascinated with little Frankie, who is hardly much bigger than one of Bailey’s toys! Bailey looked like a giant in comparison. As you can see from the photo they are a real small/medium/large trio!! Hopefully Jess will come for longer next time now they have all “met” each other successfully.

3 littledogs

Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful Bailey, we have loved watching her grow from a gorgeous little pup to the fun loving life-be-in-it dog she is today.

The produce continues to go bonkers in the veggie patch. I will definitely be planting differently next year as there is no way on this earth you can eat/pickle/give away this amount of grub every day. In the pre supermarket days locals apparently used to decide who would plant what and then they would all swop so they all got a useful variety of fruit and veg – something we should perhaps introduce?? This week I’m making tomato passata and relish, picking bread and butter cucumbers and preserving capsicum and eggplant. We now plan our meals around the veggies instead of the other way around!!

Australia Day was a rather soggy state of affairs down on the south coast and the Big Berry Breakfast that had been advertised at the Showground was washed out. We celebrated instead with a slow cooked shoulder of lamb with an eggplant and tomato bake and loads of fresh green beans from our patch. Our friends joined us for some drinks to celebrate the special day in our calender and Cam enjoyed his extra day off in The Meadow before heading back to the Big Smoke and the slog of the 9-5. I have LOADS to do to get everything back into some semblance of order but I’m rather easily distracted………………


2016-01-18 02.33.10


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