And so it begins……

2016-02-13 09.44.01

Our little white house seen from the back paddock

I used to wake up to the sun streaming in through my bedroom window, the magpies singing or the odd cow bellowing but now I wake to the sound of utes arriving outside my window, bricks being stacked into wheelbarrows, men sharing morning pleasantries and one very happy chocolate labrador being greeted by one and all. She thinks she’s died and gone to heaven with so many people to play with (and all those potential treats at morning tea and lunch). Despite my slightly less tranquil alarm clock I too am happy to see them as it means PROGRESS!!!!

Of course, as predicted, the weather changed as our first hole was dug and we are now experiencing the chilly starts usually associated with this time of year and those dastardly westerly winds have also come back to taunt us. We have still only had the odd shower and everyone is desperate for rain so I feel mean having my fingers crossed for a dry day! Rain as much as you like during the night I say but leave me the days!!! One week in and we have all the footings in and concreted and the brickies are here today so hopefully we will have some framework up by the end of this week but if the weather turns bad they will be starting inside – then the fun will really begin!

Poor Cam, he’s finding it hard to cope seeing the huge digger carve up his lawn that he has spent the last year coercing into submission. I don’t like to mention to him that a huge pipe is going to be dug into it soon when we move our water tank from the house to behind the chook shed…..All this will be worth it when it’s done – just like a bad dream it will disappear from our memory to be replaced with a fantabulous new living area! Fingers crossed…..


Don’t you think this tree looks like something from the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory?? An out of this world tree which I’m sure must be confusing the birds. It is our Mulberry tree that was HUGE and impossible to pick the fruit from. My gardening guru Peter suggested giving it a heavy pruning causing it to send out new shoots, which being young and pliable we could bend into what I am now affectionately calling my lollipop tree. This way we will be able to access the fruit and keep it all under control giving us half a chance to get some before the birds pinch it all.

A few days later……………..

I have been flat strap organising all the build – the kitchen plan is now locked in, doors and windows are ordered (despite me ordering them initially to open the wrong way – who knew they order them looking from the OUTSIDE of the building – aaaaarghhh!!) and today I am off to buy a loo, taps and all the shower stuff plus wall tiles.  All in all it’s very busy (and rather boring reading) but hopefully some day soon I will have a beautiful finished product to share with you all. I got a call at 7am this morning from the builder saying due to the rain they were going to start stripping the bathroom out and by 9.30 when they downed tools for morning tea this is what it looked like….

2016-06-01 09.25.27

At this rate I will get this all done on time which would be AMAZING!!! Now just to get everything I want within that pesky budget


2016-05-25 11.18.43


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