Winter is Coming

Who would have thought such an everyday phrase would become so famous?


Winter is indeed coming (although not as harshly as beyond The Wall..) and rather fast as these roos found out!! Mother Nature let us know yet again who is boss this weekend when an East Coast Low made it’s presence felt, chopping the East Coast of Australia off at the knees. Floods, century old trees ripped out of the soggy earth by 100km winds, a train system that couldn’t cope with the weather which in turn put too much pressure on the public transport and road system creating havoc just about everywhere. The only option was to stay at home, but once I eventually made it back from Sydney after dropping the Cocoa King at the airport and dealing with closed highways and driving through floodwaters surging with the increased volume of water, I heaved a sigh of relief and had visions of me cosily tucked up in front of the fire with a cuppa and some dinner watching something girlie on the box. Sadly it was not to be, with a power blackout for nearly 4 hours. Just as I was about to go to bed due to the fact I had no heating, no way to cook anything, no entertainment and barely enough light to read by with my torch – the power was restored and I thanked my lucky stars. So many other people were not so lucky and my thoughts were with the 2500 SES and RFS workers who were out in the dark cold night fixing things for us all to be safe and to have our services reconnected. The poor animals were all struggling too, with horses stranded on the odd grassy knoll sticking up through newly formed inland lakes and the cows, normally fairly static, were uncharacteristically running around the paddock (maybe in an atttempt to keep warm?). My thoughts kept going to the little calf that was born in the middle of this tempest and that I was scared wouldn’t make it to morning. Happily it did and as the sun peeked through the storm clouds I was very grateful to only have some minor flooding, blown over furniture and a few branches down. All the chickens survived despite their bedraggled appearance and Bailey was kept safely at the kennels for the extra night due to the road closures.

You can imagine my surprise when Monday morning dawned – still blowing a gale and decidedly unpleasant- and the builders arrived!! They are quite an amazing bunch with a superb work ethic and a happy demeanour, I can hear them now whistling away to their radio out the back!! I’m so lucky to have them onsite and attempting to get all the framework in before the weather gets any worse. Inside they have stripped everything out except my kitchen and laundry so things are still pretty civilised at this stage. By the time Cam comes home in 2 weeks I’m sure it will be starting to take shape. He is off galivanting in Singapore, France and Sicily and hopefully getting loads of new customers so we can pay for all this building work!! I’m quite jealous of his summer trip to Europe but luckily we do have our own holiday to look forward in a few months and his itinerary is fairly packed with things to do and people to see so it’s not exactly relaxing!

Our little chocolate dog has had her sleeping area completely opened up with the removal of the internal walls so the prospect of curling up on that little pull out bed seen in the picture above has obviously proved far too tempting and most mornings I find a little indentation that is still warm on it which is a deadset giveaway that she has migrated there at some stage during the night!! I can hardly blame her as it’s a bit chilly down there now in it’s stripped out state.

I am happy with the progress so far and hopeful that we can keep powering on. We have been pleasantly surprised at some of the bargains we have been able to snaffle. One of the advantages of building in June I guess is that with the end of the financial year looming most businesses are trying to offload as much stock as possible before the big 30th June deadline. My big ticket items have been offset with a few super duper bargains which hopefully is keeping the budget more or less on track.When it all gets too much I chuck on my coat and some walking shoes and take Bailey for a nice walk in the surrounding countryside. It never fails to calm me and remind me that we have made this move not to have some fancy show home but for the lifestyle change. With the crazy weather this weekend I was inundated with calls and texts from our new friends and neighbours asking if we were all right and offering help if needed. That’s what it’s all about when it comes down to it and I know Cam is reassured to have so many good people looking out for me in his absence.

20160603_095132These beautiful ornamental pears look fantastic as their leaves change colour – They certainly bring a smile to my face when I see them, they look a bit like some fluffy feather dusters that have been dyed or a little row of ballet dancers in tutus standing out against the  backdrop of the evergreen gum trees! Gorgeous.

All in all I fall into bed early and try and fall asleep before my brain jumps into gear thinking of the to do list for the following day. I used to try and stay awake thinking it was the beginning of the end if I started going to bed before 10pm and that it would make me officially old but now I’d rather go when I’m tired and wake up early to at least have a coffee before the builders arrive! This seems very appropriate……….



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