Going Batty

daisiesWell despite the erratic weather I think Spring has definitely sprung! Living in the middle of the countryside we are much more aware of the activity of all the animals and birds at this time of year. There are at least 4 nests on the go in our garden at the moment with a lot of very purposeful flying to and fro creating nests worthy of the bird equivalent of “The Block” So focused on the task in hand, a couple of birds have crashed into our new extension french doors and were left stunned for a few minutes before continuing on their merry way. The rabbits and hares are everywhere in their bold attempts at wooing a mate and Bailey is constantly on guard, hackles up as she watches them bound through our land and into the adjoining fields. The other morning she went troppo and just didn’t stop barking. I came outside to find her barking at a lump in the middle of the lawn so I put her inside and went to investigate. The lump started moving across the garden and I finally saw it was an echidna! I don’t know who was more surprised to see each other out of the three of us! It rolled itself into a prickly ball at the base of a big tree for an hour or two before ambling off to bask in the sunshine by the wood shed! Goodness knows where it lives or where it is now…..

Along with the cute animals we have an awakening of the not so cute variety – according to the local vet snakes are waking up but are still groggy and therefore more dangerous, ticks have been more prevalent and spiders are on the move – some drunkenly weaving their way across the path or as I found out personally, some sleeping in my gumboots! Luckily I always check them and give them a good knock before slipping my foot in. This time I felt something cold and got a long stick to investigate and out came a very fat red back spider! Always worth checking…..!!!

Our garden has burst into bloom and is a real joy to wander around on a sunny day with a cuppa in hand! The roses have had their first flush and are bobbing heads alongside huge mounds of pink and white daisies, purple lavender and white salvias. I’ve planted loads of sage in the hope it will grow and pop it’s head through our steps as we couldn’t pave behind them due to plumbing issues and the wisteria is dripping with fragrant flowers.2016-09-20-14-39-24I have been busy in the veggie patch pulling out the winter crops and weeding and turning the beds over ready for the summer goodies but those pesky winds have been back big time. We have had 5 days of constant high winds and it drives you batty. Every door and window is rattling, furniture (both wicker and iron) have been blown off the verandas and into the gardens. Soil and leaves have been blown everywhere but where they should be and we are OVER IT. It has been a strong weather system all the way from Queensland to Victoria with power outages and flash floods thrown into the mix. You can’t really do anything outside which is really frustrating as there is so much to do at this time of year. If it dies down for an hour I dash outside and quickly plant veggies or stake new seedlings or take Bailey for a fast walk up the lane before it comes back raging its way through the paddocks again. So far our baby mulberries are hanging on for dear life….2016-09-26-16-35-52As we have just had a long weekend which included the footy finals for the year (silent cheer from moi!!) our boys arrived as well as our resident handyman Smutzer to enjoy the festivities. He did a wonderful job installing some lattice under our new veranda to match in with the old one and give us a cohesive look once again. We had one gorgeous warm and windless day and we christened our new entertaining area with a nice lunch and spent the odd coffee break enjoying the sunshine.2016-10-02-08-21-56Our neighbour Farmer Pat is making us a new cattlegrid for our gate as he loves a project and had some old pipes lying around. Lucky Us!! The boys spent a few minutes trying to work out how to install it before taking it back for some final adjustments. A blokey job that they all seemed to enjoy…….2016-10-03-10-57-59

So things move on in The Meadow. Hard to believe we have been here nearly 2 years but when I look back at the old photos I can see the changes. We have a lovely new extension and some great new friends. Life is busy yet simple and we can do as much or as little as we like each day. We want to get the garden into top shape ahead of the wedding and gradually fill our new room with some furniture and artwork but we also want to enjoy our family and friends and the beautiful area we live in so we wont pressure ourselves to get everything “perfect”. At this stage we have merely moved some of our furniture around between the rooms so we can use both living areas until new things become a reality and I’m sure we will enjoy it all the more for waiting. Here is the new family area finally being used!2016-09-20-14-38-58

All in all it has been a strange week of contrasts and one I’m glad is finally over. So much admin and computer work as we start the insurance claim from the trip and various car registrations, services, bills etc have all left my head spinning and sick to death of music on hold as I wait interminably for a human with whom to talk about the various computer glitches. Passwords, Usernames, Security Codes, slow internet and a thousand other reasons to hate modern technology has left me washed out and rather jaded so Spring please come back with your blue skies and sunshine and make me happy again……!!




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