Getting Stuff Done

I’m not sure which is my favourite time of the day down here, normally it’s the morning with the promise of the day to come but every now and again I happen to look out of the window at dusk and see a magnificent sight, as if someone has spilt all their red, gold and orange paints across the evening sky and I just have to run outside and soak it all in.2016-10-09-19-12-42

It’s been a productive week in The Meadow as we begin the process of ‘finishing off’ the extension. Our snazzy custom made fly screen doors are all installed now and just in time as the flies have started to wake up with the warmer weather although goodness knows how they manage to fly in the massive winds that have still been buffeting this part of the coast. I feel sorry for all the animals as they stand resolute in the paddocks with their backs to the wind. It has certainly been relentless this past couple of weeks and even those people born and bred here are officially OVER IT!!! Even our iron furniture got blown off the new veranda – crazy!

My kitchen shelves have been installed and my not so small cookbook collection looks very much at home on them, giving the kitchen a nice lived in look and an injection of colour. It will be lovely once we get all our artwork framed and up but in the meantime I have loads of beautiful roses and flowers from the garden that liven the place up a bit.The roses are going bananas and even the Man of The House has come to appreciate them!


Work has now begun on updating the original part of the roof to match in with the new one.  A local guy who has known this house since he was small is doing it and he LOVES a chat. He really is a wealth of knowledge about it’s history and inhabitants but he always seems to catch me just as I’m trying to sneak out to the garage or to put some washing on the line and 20 minutes later I’m still there listening to his stories. I think it’s lucky that for the most part he will be up on the roof which will cut down on chatting opportunities quite considerably! Despite the wind he managed to get the whole roof pressure washed ready to begin painting it in the new ‘Windspray” – a nice soft grey which will make the whole place look fresh and clean.


I have had great fun this week harvesting my mulberries. I fill a bowl on a daily basis at the moment and I’m not sure how I’m managing to pull the wool over the birds eyes but they don’t seem to have noticed the bumper crop residing in the middle of our garden! The new manhandling of the tree’s natural branching habit has worked a dream and now I just have to find a few recipes involving mulberries, if anyone has a good one please let me know??


The bathroom and laundry areas are now a joy to work in, all the new surfaces are so much easier than the old ones to clean and the sunshine pours in through the laundry window making it impossible to be unhappy even whilst folding the sheets!! Good old black and white is a classic and never seems to go out of style so despite the update it still ties in nicely with the old house.

2016-10-10-17-52-02                                  2016-10-10-17-53-41







Now that renovation things are basically finished we are back in action with our guests. We have quite a few people staying with us over the next 10 days which will be lovely especially if the weather comes to the party and starts to behave. As the Christmas merchandise starts to appear in the shops I am endlessly reminded how quickly this year has gone and how soon it will be 2017 and WEDDING YEAR! Every time I get lazy in the garden I remind myself that I need to get in some hard yards now to reap the reward next April. Gardens always pay you back in spades whatever small thing you do to them (haha – did you see what I did there??) rewarding you with food to eat and flowers to enjoy which does make the weeding side of things slightly more bearable. However Susie is a bit boring if she is all work and no play so I gave myself an afternoon off yesterday and went up to Kangaroo Valley to visit my girlfriend who has a house with an amazing view down the valley. She has renovated the old dairy that was on the property in an authentic rustic style and I enjoyed a quiet cuppa with a book on the deck listening to the amazing birdsong up there. So many beautiful areas in this part of the world, I still feel so lucky to be living here! If you want to have that feeling for a weekend too you can rent the dairy and/or the main house (see details below)


Can you feel the serenity?

The Old Koonabulla Dairy can be rented through or


Until next time, this is Heavenly Hirani (as hubby calls me) signing out………… 🙂 🙂

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