A busy week in The Meadow


We are back in action with visitors now we are back from our holiday with a mostly completed house. Our builder is tying up the few remaining loose ends and we now have doors and windows that don’t rattle and will soon have a painted roof, then it’s just a case of attacking the garden and decorating! Our lovely friends Baz and Cathy came to stay this week and they are one of those couples that can’t NOT help. They are both extremely handy having almost single handedly completed houses from the lock up stage in the past and can turn their hands to most of the trades in some form or another. Baz was delighted to see the wonderful drill set that the kids had bought Cam for Xmas and got stuck into hanging mirrors, clocks, my utensil rack above the stove, window boxes and all those little jobs that have been on my list for a while! We are very grateful to them for all their help.

2016-10-17-17-07-41                     20161019_144329It was heaven to have them here and we did manage to squeeze in some fun and lots of wine and cheese  so it wasn’t all work and no play! My wisteria has had a severe haircut courtesy of Cathy and is now wrapping itself in the correct direction around it’s posts, all I have to do is keep chopping it to encourage it in the right way and soon we shall have a lovely feature on the west side of the house.


We made time to show them the area which Baz knew from a time long long ago when as teenagers and early 20 somethings they used to pile into whoevers car had some room and drive from the western suburbs of Sydney to the South Coast to surf. He had fond memories of Gerringong and we had a burger on the hill overlooking the ocean for old times sake after looking through one of the best surf shops you will ever see. ‘Natural Necessity’ has one of the largest range of boards you will see in a commercial surf shop and Baz had a glazed look in his eyes as he wandered amongst them all, looking rather similar to me when I’m in a shoe shop…….


We have been worrying about our little brood of chooks for a while now as they seem to have been in moult for months! It is normal for them to lose their feathers for a few weeks in which time they lay less eggs as they need a lot of protein to grow new feathers. Ours have been laying on average 4 a day instead of 7 and the feathers are still looking very shabby, we were worried they may have been pecking each other and have been keeping an eye on them to no avail. A poultry auction held at The Showground last Sunday was the perfect place to ask wise chook people’s advice. Cam took some photos to show them and straight away they recognised the problem and said we had to increase their protein intake, so on top of their high protein pellets they now have rice mixed with cat food three times a week and hopefully we will soon start to see some improvement. I couldn’t bring myself to get any cat food containing chicken as it seemed rather wrong so beef and fish is the protein of choice. They absolutely can’t get outside fast enough when they see me coming with their special rice concoction and they eat all the meaty bits before the rice so I think the chook whisperers were right…….


Cam has been hard at it in his office in Berry so we literally only saw him in the evenings. Happy hour has been a hit and miss affair depending on the wind. Some days are just perfect and we can sit outside in the golden afternoon light with a yummy cheese board and chilled rose and other days we’re inside with a glass of red and our ugg boots on!! We have had little rain to speak of and our water tank that supplies the veggie patch is nearly empty. Luckily we are also on town water so we are going to fill the tank up by running a hose from the house next week if Mother Nature doesn’t come to the party. The boys dug up a whole load of sandstone pavers which had led to our old washing line and laid some new turf so we need to keep the water up to everything at the moment.

Cam still manages to finds some time for a little relax in the garden with the Chocolate One however, the Dynamic Duo are often to be found here……………..


We are off later today to Milton for a long table dinner cooked by highly regarded local restaurants and some dancing under the stars so until next week dear readers I will bid thee farewell……



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