Party Party Party !!


Well it‘s been a memorable and busy couple of weeks with us zooming all around the highways and byways of NSW to celebrate birthdays and the festive season. Berry has put it’s Christmas hat on and we have decorations everywhere reminding us, in case we didn’t already know, that its only 2 weeks until Christmas! The Berry Merry Xmas event was held this week when our little town becomes inundated with people, half of whom get dressed up in a Santa suit for the annual ‘Santa Dash’. The road is shut (quite amazing really as it is the main highway between Sydney and Melbourne) and all sorts of Santas run through the main street for about 400 metres. It is quite a sight and all the proceeds go to the local school. Later in the evening there is a similar dash involving women with shopping trolleys full to the brim with donations which then get given to the homeless hub in Nowra. All in all it’s a very ‘feel good’ few hours and all the shops stay open until 9pm and most have special one-off offers to entice you to open your wallet and encourage you to spend locally!!

Last weekend people travelled from far and wide to congregate in Forster to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Patriarch of our family. He is quite a remarkable chap, lives by himself in his own home and with the help of a few good local friends still gets his own shopping and goes to the golf club a few nights a week to have a beer with his mates. Despite his original protestations about having a party he ended up getting right into the spirit of it all and absolutely loved seeing so many people there to help him celebrate. Family flew from Queensland and Victoria, drove 8 hours from Wagga and some of the people he used to coach in soccer when they were in their late teens (now in their 60’s!!!) drove from Sydney to surprise him so he was feeling quite overwhelmed with all the love and friendship that was shown to him. All the grandkids except those overseas were there to share the occasion and we all had a very enjoyable couple of days.

A local guy made him a croquembouche birthday cake which provided a few laughs as he had wished a happy 90th to Cole rather than Col but we soon fixed that little situation and it was a bloody delicious end to the afternoon.

What a handsome bunch of Grandsons!!!


We did manage to enjoy a walk on the local beach with the dogs and catch up with our friends over a cold one or two before we all headed home and the Birthday Boy was pretty chuffed with all the love and attention!


Home is a busy place at the moment with the garden in full swing and crops growing before my eyes. The zucchini are breeding at a rate at which we are unable to eat and next weekend when we have all the neighbours in for Xmas drinks we are going to discuss the idea of a community fruit and veggie swop amongst the homes in our lane. ‘My zukes for a few of your beetroot’ kind of thing as there are so many markets around there is no point selling excess stuff there but we don’t want to waste it or feed it all to the chooks.

The veggie patch doing it’s thing……


Raspberry and passionfruit Pavlova here we come………….

2016-12-05-10-44-36      2016-12-07-14-18-48

A quick trip to Sydney for our annual girl’s book club Xmas dinner gave me an opportunity to hit the shops and I parked my car in Balmain and caught a bus into the city, meeting number 2 son in the beautiful new Barangaroo precinct for lunch at a lovely sushi restaurant on the waterfront near his new office before venturing into the centre for some Xmas shopping. I did manage to do a bit but despite the fact that I have lived in central Sydney for many years I did feel a little overwhelmed by the craziness of the city this trip – everyone was walking so fast and with such serious faces and there was an overwhelming sense of consumerism (which I guess is directly linked to Xmas) but it did all feel a bit shallow and not as much fun as I thought it would be! On top of all that when I got back to my car I had a parking ticket – welcome back to the big smoke Suz……..grrrrrr!!

Zushi – melt in your mouth seafood and sushi – yum!


I’m starting to sound like all the country people we have ever known over the years as I protest the lack of rainfall. As thunderstorms swirl all around us dropping great sheets of rain over the escarpment at Kangaroo Valley, The Meadow has zero centimetres in the rain gauge and our water tank is empty – just brown sludge which even the chickens won’t drink. As a result we are on a constant watering program with the fruit trees especially needing a lot of water to hold the new fruit for the season ahead and we are on 30 minute rotations of all the flower beds. A huge overnight downpour would be the bestest Chrissy prezzy for me right now! The new crepe myrtle trees we planted last year are happily in bloom and buzzing with a million bees and should provide some nice shade on the westerly side of the house in the coming years.

As everything ramps up for Christmas get togethers and spare time is at a minimum I feel that apart from the garden watering regime this is the closest I am getting to a workout lately…………


4 thoughts on “Party Party Party !!

  1. When you tire of the city you have become a true country girl !! Wish I could avail myself of your veg largesse darling, but will be tasting it all soon !! X x x


    • So true Mum, I’ve noticed a few changes in myself over the past few months and the simple life is definitely suiting me!! I look forward to sharing the patch and the veggies with you in 3 MONTHS!!!!


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