It’s that time of the year again….


It MUST be Christmas if The Turfco Cows have their sled out and on full view for all those people travelling south on the Princes Highway – they bring a smile to many a face as they whizz through The Meadow on their way to various holiday spots on the coast.

We have had people call in and stay with us whilst travelling on their way to and from various holiday destinations including our inaugural overnight stay involving small children which was a true delight and not half as hard as I thought it might be. I had absolutely no idea what would be safe and what wouldn’t as I looked around our very adult house but I did at least have the sense not to decorate the Xmas tree until after little Daisy (coming up to 18 months) had gone home (Also we received a request from our 28 year old girl child asking me to wait for her to arrive before we trim the tree….) Daisy is totally adorable – a tiny little pint pot full of curiosity and eager to follow her big brother Brody into any adventure he cares to delve into! She also bangs her chest and tries to hum the money chant song from the Wolf of Wall Street – she especially likes the little ooh at the end, just hilarious!! She loved my little Matilda Mouse – taking great care and attention to put her to bed in her little box, all snuggled up with pillow and blanket. Little girls just love to nurture right from the start of their lives don’t they!! Sadly the weather was a bit yukky, with my longed for rain coming at exactly the wrong time for their visit! We did manage to feed Neddy a carrot or two and Brody LOVED his ride with Cammo on the ‘tractor’!! I had a little glimpse of what fun it would be to have grandkids visit and collect the eggs and climb the trees etc – great fun!!

Our lovely friends and their gorgeous kids visited us for a quick overnight pit stop.

Laura has a very successful blog ‘’ where she documents her life with toddlers and how to balance them with love, life, fitness and all the important things of today’s modern age and she managed to capture our relaxed afternoon on the veranda beautifully before the flies carried us away on the evening breeze…..

In the absence of the man of the house I went to a Fawlty Towers night at The Shoalhaven Heads Hotel for an evening with friends. We had a delicious 3 course meal and enjoyed an interactive theatre show portraying Basil, Manuel and Sybil to perfection in some of the many famed skits from the TV show. 125 people spent the night laughing and being told by Basil how atrocious our manners were, Sibyl tried to keep the rabble under control as usual and Manuel had us in stitches being extremely non PC and doing a great job to re-enact the role that Andrew Sachs made so famous, all the more poignant as he died earlier this month. A fun night was had by all and I was a little envious as everyone piled into the courtesy bus with their wine glasses in hand and I drove home in the rain to put my chickens and Bailey to bed. The responsibilities of a country lass and all that jazz……

The house did look rather welcoming with it’s lights twinkling as I turned into the drive and I’m guessing I probably felt a lot better than the wine swillers the next morning too….


We invited all The Lane for Christmas drinks and some festive food yesterday, it was great to get everyone together and be able to chat about the ups and downs of country life and we managed to consume rather too much cheese and many bottles of bubbly and wine leading to a few of us being rather fragile this morning. Dazza had us all in hysterics as he recounted in his inimitable style the various stories of his life and other such interesting things. It is so nice to get together as there as there are only 7 houses in the lane and it’s important to stick together, support and help each other. There was also talk of a Boxing Day race involving the men folk and their ride on mowers……..God help us all.


My local walks have taken on a festive tinge too as in lieu of the city houses with their Xmas lights people here decorate their outside gates and walls as we often never see the houses further down the drive. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see some of the livestock donning the odd santa hat later this week…..

Not everything has been love and laughter though, with my friend’s son having an extremely bad car accident that he was lucky to survive. He has broken every bone in his face bar one and is in danger of losing an eye. He has had metal rods inserted in his leg, all his ligaments have been reattached and he has been very lucky to escape with no ongoing brain injuries. He is 18 and is looking at at least 3 months in hospital and then extensive rehab. Today was the first of his facial reconstructive surgeries, a daunting thing for everyone but especially an 18 year old with his whole life ahead of him. It has really put everything into perspective for me and is a timely reminder that your whole life can change in seconds. The parents both work full time and have 3 other children so the constant driving up and down to Sydney is challenging and tiring for them. It has been lovely to see the whole local community come together to try and help them, friends have taken the smaller children, a Go Fund Me campaign has been set up and will help with the extensive ongoing costs and we are all trying to help out by cooking meals for them. The local lifesaving club is holding a fundraiser for him and it really is heart warming to see people digging deep at a tricky time of the year to come up with spare cash. True Christmas spirit.


In happier news the prodigal daughter has returned to our shores, enjoying a weekend in Sydney with her brothers and girlfriends in a whirl of shared breakfasts, lunches and dinners and plenty of drinks in pubs, on verandas and terraces overlooking the harbour and she is generally loving catching up and reconnecting with her old life. She arrives down here in The Meadow today so I am madly making mince pies, planning her favourite meals and trying to fit in all the things she wants to do in the few short days she is here. It is like a tsunami when she is here but we are ready for the onslaught!!

I hope that everyone gets to enjoy some time with their families, creating special memories  together and let’s hope that the big guy in the red suit makes a few of those Christmas wishes come true…..


Merry Christmas !!!


4 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year again….

  1. Oh Suzy I love your blog!

    Sending healer Ng thoughts to your young friend & his family.

    Happy Christmas to you & yours.



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    • Thanks so much Marilyn, he will need every bit of positivity and love to get him through the next 12 months. Hope you and Stu are loving your European Christmas with Paul, it looks magical in your photos xxx

      On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 3:47 PM, My Move To The Meadow wrote:



  2. Susie I so love your posts – you have a wonderful gift of telling the stories. Enjoy this special time with your beautiful daughter and family and so hope we can catch up in the early new year! Love and hugs Kimxxx


    • Thanks Kim, we’re having a great time seeing different family members as they pass through The Meadow. Hopefully you will be down here in the New Year and we can have lunch and catch up on all our news. Hope 2017 is a fab one for you and yours xxx

      On Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 10:53 PM, My Move To The Meadow wrote:



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