Thank God it’s all over for another year!


I don’t know about you but if I see one more bottle of wine , slab of cheese or fruit cake I think I’m going to stab someone. I’m as fat as a Christmas turkey and it all needs to STOP!!!

I used to think it was just the few days over the Christmas period where we over imbibed and ate celebratory festive foods, however the party scene now starts late November and stretches way into January necessitating eating far too much and drinking as if there is no tomorrow for about 6 weeks. The fact that we also live in Australia where it is Summer at Christmas (ridiculous planning by the southern hemisphere if you ask me…) and you are left with no doubt that your new food baby and your new swimsuit are not good bedfellows.

Anyway while it lasted it was fun and here are a few pics of various members of our family enjoying the festivities before the 40 degree days and a dodgy medial ligament from dancing under the influence with the youngest son spoiled my desire for anything other than an egg on toast and a cuppa.

The good bits about Christmas have been catching up with all those friends and family that live a long way away. It’s a bloody good excuse to spend a few thousand on an air ticket and then stay on someone’s blow up mattress in their spare room with no aircon. We have been really lucky to see the Engaged One twice  in the last 3 weeks and it was lovely showing her the finished renovations and spend time on the back deck talking rubbish together over an aperol spritz. She arrived in time to decorate the tree and enjoy a few Christmassy meals before zooming off to her other family in Tasmania.

We had a lovely trip up into Kangaroo Valley to visit her godmother and enjoy some cheese (and more aperol) under her beautiful grape vine laden trellis in her garden and then the Swiss family arrived to enjoy a balmy evening on our back deck with some of my  very favourite drink for Christmas – sparkling shiraz! Are you beginning to see a common thread here folks??

2016-12-21-13-57-29     2016-12-26-20-35-50

One person (well kind of person) that enjoyed everything about the festive season was a certain chocolate labrador. From the wrapping paper to the crumbs that fell her way as well as all the extra people available to play with, she LOVED Christmas and fell asleep every evening like a little baby all snuggled up in complete exhaustion.

No sooner had we drawn breath after Christmas, New Year’s Eve raised its ugly head and we were packed up and whizzing off to Sydney to hang out with the big city folk. Our friend had finally moved into his new home 18 months after his rebuild started and he threw a great housewarming/NYE party with a band and scrummy food for about 100 of his nearest and dearest. As I whirled around the dance floor with nary a care in the world my mostly-by-then-healed knee gave way AGAIN, spoiling my image of myself all young and free and making me feel more like someone of my actual age…..sigh……!!


The next day we caught a ferry into Sydney to see Barangaroo, the new development of the harbour foreshore and to meet my brother and sister-in-law for yet another drink or two (!!!!) and I loved the upstairs bar at The Palisades overlooking The Rocks. A magnificent view, lovely company and a nice start to 2017.


After spending 2 nights in a room above a Balmain Pub (with just a fan in a room trapped with 40 degree heat from the night before and a family with three kids under 5 staying next door) we were happy to jump in our truck and head home to The Meadow and to the peace and quiet and green surrounds of our house. We still feel so lucky to be able to jump in and out of our city life and to have this to come home to. We worked together in companionable silence until suddenly it was THAT time of day again – Happy Hour or Sundowner-on-the-veranda time and despite all our protestations of the previous day we opened another bottle of wine and saluted our Move to The Meadow….



One thought on “Thank God it’s all over for another year!

  1. Hi Susie

    What a busy time you’ve had – fabulous! Your home sounds perfect for all your social commitments.

    Love to you & yours!


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