And so it begins


Well 2017 is well on its way amid many hot days in the late 30ºs that have tested my patience and ability to function. I have never been so grateful to finally have some air conditioning in my house albeit only in the new back room. Luckily we can easily stay in there if needs be as it includes the kitchen. dining and lounge area and when we finally see the breeze picking up and blowing the corn in the paddock we know the southerly change is on its welcome way and we can fling all the doors and windows open and actually venture outside again.

These hot days are dotted with hours spent watering the garden and concern for the chickens who really don’t like extreme heat. They dig themselves large shallow holes in the earth and sit in them with their wings spread and their mouths open trying to cool themselves down. They love it if I come out with a big bowl of ice and pop it into their water feeder and they all come rushing up for a cool drink. The heat didn’t help my desire to cut out another garden bed on the westerly side of the house either. The ground was like rock and unless you started work at 6am you were in the full sun for the entire day. Broughton Landscapes came to my rescue sending over the very capable Rick who toiled away in the heat and the flies to create the last part of my garden following the end of the renovation. We are now building up the soil ahead of planting (which is the fun part!)

This is the last push in the gardening stakes before the wedding and hopefully it will come along nicely once we get some rain. The engaged couple spent a lovely few days here after Christmas and now the next time we see them it will just be a matter of days before THE BIG ONE! Many evenings were spent on the back deck with a coldie or two discussing the detailed minutiae that weddings entail and Number One son came down to add some input too. It was at this time that something miraculous occurred. At the ripe old age of 30 Sam was finally given permission to wield the Master of the House’s power tools ! It has been a long road getting here probably due to a myriad of misadventures as a child that included him setting fire to a palm tree with a lighter and a can of deodorant and other such events (which created a few trust issues) but I must say he did a great job trimming the hedge between our neighbours property and ourselves and there is an outside chance he will be allowed  on the tools again!

Lauren and Berry enjoyed some time exploring the local area, driving further south to beautiful Jervis Bay and enjoying fish and chips at the beach and other such Aussie experiences before heading back to the hustle and bustle of Honkers. They always have fond memories of our cheese platters and other western meals that they find hard to get in Asia so it’s always lovely to be able to treat them with their favourite dishes when they get home.


After everyone finally left we were literally gagging at the thought of one more drink and for a few fantastic days we didn’t fancy anything alcoholic or rich and fattening and our thoughts turned to our veggie patch and all the fresh produce awaiting us in our quest to turn into healthy chiselled people rather than the soft blobby people we currently are. Despite the fact we have had a very weird season in the patch (we have had to pull out our zucchinis as they were malformed and our tomatoes have all had leaf curl and don’t seem happy) we still have more than enough crops to feed us and in fact have extras to give away…..

When it all gets too much I jump into the car and head with the hound to Seven Mile Beach at Shoalhaven Heads where dogs can be legally off leash and I just enjoy getting the wind in my hair and some saltwater on my skin . Bailey gets to run and play with other dogs and occasionally even bigger animals, as we often see horses on the beach too which is quite a lovely sight.


Apart from the local hares and of course the cows, we don’t see too many animals. No native animals such as kangaroos, wombats or koalas in The Meadow to speak of but loads of parrots and occasionally the odd black cockatoo which are magnificent. I did see this video recently though that I absolutely LOVED and thought I would share it especially for my Northern Hemisphere readers who seem to think Australia is full of deadly venomous animals. This is a fluffy cute Aussie animal that I think you will all love.

Please meet George  ♥♥♥

Speaking of animals,  I never really realised how amazing cows are. They are such stoic beasts – hardly making a noise even when they are giving birth and they put up with all sorts of weather conditions be it 40ºc or freezing torrential rain without a murmur, just continuing in their quest to eat as much grass as they possibly can before it gets dark each day. When I was out walking yesterday I became aware of a sound. In the same way you become aware of bees buzzing in the blossom of trees I became aware of the sound of tearing grass as I walked past this paddock full of cows. Absolutely no other noise despite there being at least 100 of them in the field – just the sound of systematic tearing and munching of the grass. Quite eerie!


Well that’s it – after today’s rotten temperature of 41°C I am officially over January! Sadly February is usually worse…….

15941214_840380582769799_9126043763893130334_n             Thanks Big Guy….


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